London, UK

I can't seem to get this to work with a home made MIDI cable. I have it wired up as below, and have checked with multimeter.... seems to have zero effect on anything whether I plug it into my audio interface and try and sync ableton OR into my drum machine.....

I wondered if it might be this:

"The current supplied by the GBA's link port does not quite match the MIDI specification (3.5 mA instead of 5 mA). So far, it worked with all devices tested but there may be devices that require full 5 mA."

but seems odd that I should own two things that object to the voltage when it sounds like it's uncommon.

Has anyone had issues getting this to work/could explain more clearly than the manual does how I am supposed to set off nanoloop so it should work?

I'm in the middle of building an arduinoboy to get round this (at least until I can get a USB midi dongle) but would be even better to only have to carry a MIDI cable with me if I could get