This was a lot of fun to put together. Most I asked to contribute said yes and the standard is so high. It was made to give everyone in isolation something to listen to. See the - very varied - tracklist below. Stream/download at

Disasterpeace - Fruit Drop
Wool Pool - Visitor
tenfour - The Tandematic
scythe - 夜は平等に
Tobokegao - J-pop Is Ready For Love (GB 2-step Version)
NESMETAL - Wellinrowe Nights
Fearofdark - Take It Day By Day
Walter Ego - Toad's Trap
HarleyLikesMusic vs. Pain Perdu - Dread'n'Butter
2A0X - Nite Vis
goreshit - good?
Norrin_Radd - Bounty Hunter
Heosphoros - Mercuric
ap0c - 3am Tuesday
Gesceap - Acid To LA Again
Cheapshot - Surf
nmlstyl - fourtitude
Please Lose Battle - Pale King
(T-T)b - Daisy
Jellica - slpbng
DonutShoes - Stump
sdhizumi - Traffic Control
Beam - Beam
yukkerom - ユッケロムの意思
Videogame Orchestra - Hero's Lament
Pulsing - Science Island   
Grizzly Cogs - Lonely Birthday
Rock Candy - Strikeout
lpower - 2020
City Guys - Mothership
tenfour - The Tandematic (Instrumental)
nmlstyl - fourtitude (Band Version)

Abandoned on Fire

Oh damn, this looks great! cool

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Liverpool, UK

Such a good compilation of different tracks and styles, reminds me of the wonderful Crunchyco 2008 compilation!


Woah, now I have a sweet car ride mix.
Thank you for sharing!