This was a lot of fun to put together. Most I asked to contribute said yes and the standard is so high. It was made to give everyone in isolation something to listen to. See the - very varied - tracklist below. Stream/download at

Disasterpeace - Fruit Drop
Wool Pool - Visitor
tenfour - The Tandematic
scythe - 夜は平等に
Tobokegao - J-pop Is Ready For Love (GB 2-step Version)
NESMETAL - Wellinrowe Nights
Fearofdark - Take It Day By Day
Walter Ego - Toad's Trap
HarleyLikesMusic vs. Pain Perdu - Dread'n'Butter
2A0X - Nite Vis
goreshit - good?
Norrin_Radd - Bounty Hunter
Heosphoros - Mercuric
ap0c - 3am Tuesday
Gesceap - Acid To LA Again
Cheapshot - Surf
nmlstyl - fourtitude
Please Lose Battle - Pale King
(T-T)b - Daisy
Jellica - slpbng
DonutShoes - Stump
sdhizumi - Traffic Control
Beam - Beam
yukkerom - ユッケロムの意思
Videogame Orchestra - Hero's Lament
Pulsing - Science Island   
Grizzly Cogs - Lonely Birthday
Rock Candy - Strikeout
lpower - 2020
City Guys - Mothership
tenfour - The Tandematic (Instrumental)
nmlstyl - fourtitude (Band Version)

Abandoned on Fire

Oh damn, this looks great! cool

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Liverpool, UK

Such a good compilation of different tracks and styles, reminds me of the wonderful Crunchyco 2008 compilation!


Woah, now I have a sweet car ride mix.
Thank you for sharing!


Thanks everyone. This really did go down very well, and we have plenty of new releases in the pipeline. ALSO we just started selling our first ever batch of t-shirts on the Bandcamp. They look and feel great. … ad-t-shirt