Ha you use the pocketchip to do this.
In this case, first tell me if you have midi stuff when you launch picoloop on the pocketchip.
It's on the first screen when you have launch the app.
I don't remember if the software was build with midi enable on this platform.
If it is the case, then it should work.

If you want to use pc and pocketchip , pc master, pocketchip slave, then you will need two of this usb cable and female-female connector.

In this day, I work on the raspiboy which is a raspberry pi zero. Near the same performance as the pocketchip and raspberry pi 1. And picoloop work on raspberry pi. Today it doesn't work on raspiboy, need to handle the joystick and find a good way to autoboot the software.


You are right, midi is not enabled on pocketchip.
But hey, I've seen that there is an option for sending out PulseSync that I didn't noticed before, so it can be synced with my pocket operators (for example)! This is great! I think I'll follow this path.

Thanks for your work!

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Thank you for your word.
But don't take the pulse sync as an option today.
It work on my pc laptop with my volca.
It does not work on psp, ps vita and dingoo a320.
There is a lot of chance that pulse sync won't work on pocketchip either.
The hardware need to send enough power to trig the sync.
And I'm not sure that the pocketchip will have this capability, so don't expect it.

What we can do is to make midi available on pocketchip really fast.
It's really simple to do.
If garvalf is okay to spend one hour with me working on it on it, it could be done really fast. And IMHO, it will work nicely.
I had no pocketchip today, and garvalf has good knowledge on the build process. So I could double check stuff and he could make the build.

Hope it will help

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Hey, pulse is working on pocketchip with a pocket operator smile . It'd be better to use a channel splitter too, because pocketchip's audio gets nearly completely lost if it's sent as stereo with the pulse to the PO. But it's syncing without problems.

I mean, make midi available on pocketchip only if you had that planned. Don't rush for having it done now. I'm just playing with different gear and with the syncing possibilities.


It's great !
Ok, I won't rush on it smile

yoyz2k wrote:

It's great !
Ok, I won't rush on it smile

I think I'll end up using the windows version for midi syncing with Sonic Pi. I've been doing some test and it works very well. This is what I was searching for. … 4638412801

PocketChip has its charm, but I think the performance will be better using the pc version. Anyway, I still want to use PocketChip for playing around and connecting to other gear, so just one question: Can the PocketChip patterns be transferred to PC and viceversa without problems?

Thanks! smile

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Definitely the pocketchip pattern should work without flaw on windows.
If you make tracks on windows you will have access to all synthengine, and this synthengine are not all compatible with pocketchip.
So if you stick with picosynth, picodrum, pbsynth opl2, it will work both way.

Sorry, today I have no time to code... I hope my new pc will be ready soon. Because today I work, sleep, work, sleep. And my pc is a laptop without what I need to code...

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any news for andoid version or vita?


Hi Jalex, unfortuntely no...
Too much work those day, and I have not finished anything...


Ok! Good luck!!


Looking to get a handheld for both picoloop and LGPT. Would picoloop work on the rg350 using a opendingux build or is that build more specific for the gp2x.

Also would the Debian work on an ARM based like the Odroid go advance?


I'm also interested of having picoloop working on rg350 or on pocketgo V2. I have already LGPT working on these and it works great :-)

Does it will work if I follow the "compilation for opendingux" here ?

normally these handheld are on opendingux if i'm not wrong.

EDIT : for now I can't find opendingux toolchain which is needed according to my terminal. (I'm on linux)

The link where we can find it normally don't seem to work (it was here : )

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Czech Republic

Picoloop OD executable is in this thread on page 9... …
OD (at least Kernel) is here: … pendingux/

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Hello ryba, thank's for your response.

I tryed with the .dge file, placed in app folder on the rg350. It crash just after execution. Maybe I will have more chance if I compile it or it will be the same?

Sorry if I didn't read all the thread, I will do it when I will have more time

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Czech Republic

I don't know...
I only tried it few days ago on my Dingoo A320 and it  worked...
But I had to place it to Games Page in OD ... OD crashed if I placed picoloop to Apps page...
I think there is some kind of patch described in this thread for PocketGo... Maybee for RG350 too?

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