Hi! Im Peeshaya! I make music on defMON heart

Bratislava, Slovakia

I can ask something? I am working some days on new track, and today morning loaded it, but it seems that is damaged, i put a lot of work into it, pattern order seems ok, instrument section is not ok, but it looks like some bits are moved (F810), it can be saved in some way? Otherwise it is probably lost, it is directly composed in defMON so i cannot easily rewrite it from scratch, it is latest .mato15.



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Czech Republic

It's been a while since I tried to jump into defMON train but I gave up.
As time passed, I tried again (a few days back) and I figured out a few things.
The problem seems the lack of proper manual (at least few core things missing in any manual for defMON)
Anyway, the result is:
I tried to update iLKke's defMONing tutorial, grabbed some things I missed there
grabbed lot of tricks shared in this forum, tried to give you credits in the document
Still, there are some things I'm not familiar with
(2sid options, sync options, pulsewidth table lacks of some deeper exploration etc.)
I didn't go too deep into SID registers, but I think that's not the point...
So, please feel free to edit, comment, share your tricks and knowledge.
Maybee this could help some other newcomers to get into defMON.

feel free to check my english, because I'm not good at it, I know...
If you'd like to host the file in a different file hosting, I'd appreciate it, I just didn't want to upload it as a plain text here...

big thanks all of you to keep defMON pushing for 8 years and big big thanks to frantic for support

defMONing 102: … 5eDJExZt==

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Nice work! Don't hesitate to add such useful contents to the defMON wiki. Send me a message on here in case you want me to create username/password for you to the wiki. (The only thing I would need to do that is your email.)

Czech Republic

thanks, frantic.
PMed and defMONing 102 upgraded.

Czech Republic

sorry,double post..

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