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herr_prof, true...
a solution to this could be jump into the pattern to pattern, no matter if the song have BLANK patterns. I suppose "you will have to compose" to export songs easly.

An example... in LSDJ

       PU1   PU2   WAV  NOI
00    00     10      30      40  \
01     --      --        --       --    } it jump between blank patters
02    00     10      30      40 <
03     --      --        --       --    } it jump between blank patters
04    00     10      30      40  /
05    00     10      30      40
06    00     10      30      40
07     --      --        --       --
08     --      --        --       --
09     --      --        --       --
10     --      --        --       -- 
11     --      --        --       --  <<< if the batch/program or whatever find out 5 blank pattern he will just stop the render.

Shouldnt be hard to do it i guess, obviously if is possible

Actually I doubt this would work, cause me, for example, don't use this style to compose. Sometimes the rows are in weird order and also sometimes the chains don't match in size with each other. Live mode songs would become weird, I think.

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well like ui said (i think), if you wanted to take advantage of something like that, you would kind of need to write with that in mind. surely it wouldn't work quite right for everything every written. but i know most everything i make it pretty straightforward


@subway sonicbeat, yah i know! XDD especially if you have a chain with just 2 rows and other with 8 rows... obviously will never match! tongue... but as pixls said. I think if we want somethiing like that, "you have to create your song thinking on that". Instead of using LIVE we will have to use SONG, or just keep an order, or soemthing like that.

But honestly i dont think someone will even care to create some kind of batch/app to convert the *.lsdsng or the *.sav into a WAV... but if anyone think on doing it... that's my idea! big_smile maybe im WRONG... but well im not a coder! XD