Case LEDs
So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted my clear gameboy to be more blue, more so than the blue backlight and buttons, so I wanted to put some blue LEDs in there with a switch to turn them on and off big_smile

Here's a quick tutorial for how you could easily do this! (Pictures soon!)

Also, I'm not responsible for any damage this may it at your own risk!!!

1. Open the Gameboy

2. Solder a wire to the +5v point on the back PCB...It's on the left side where the red wire for the power board connects to the back PCB/

3. Solder that to a switch.

4. Put another wire coming out of the switch on the other side, and add the correct resistor for the LEDs you are using (Use an LED calculator)

5. Split the wire into two, and put the longer end of each LED to each wire individually.

6. Wire them both together on the other end...

7. Ground them to one of those knobby things on the bottom of the back PCB

For the correct resistor vaules, google "led calculator"

Not too hard to do, but (like with the Glitchmod) if you want me to do it for you, you can send me your gameboy and money for parts and I can do it all
for you smile PM me if you're interested!

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Bump, what if I dont want a switch? I know there is a tutorial on 8bc, bit its currently down. I would just wire the resistor to the 5v right?

St. Louis

Right, you'd just wire the resistor directly to the power source.


Still looking for those pics xD