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Feryl wrote:

Disorder is an excellent song, definitely deserved the inclusion here.

I think that's my favourite too, hence why I put it first smile

The new one from lpower. FFO ambient, retro synths, ringtones. Nowhere near as chippy as his old stuff but still great.


lpower wrote the tracks here on Disconnected during brief breaks from raising his young kids. The short sequences of notes and sound effects play like phone ringtones or alarm clock melodies and evoke a sense of comfortable calm.

Lawrence composed all eight pieces using the Caustic app on his phone, and he was probably in the hallway, bathroom or living room while doing it (as his two children were dozing off).

This is now fully released btw: https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/fond-de-frigo

Only a couple of days left to order the merch bundle.

meegosh wrote:

Infinity O'Clock makes me very happy.  Looking forward to the full album.

Yeah, and this is the best version they've done IMO

We just released pre-orders for Fond de frigo by Please Lose Battle!


You can stream two tracks and order the merch bundle, which is a limited edition tee and CD in fake plastic sandwich haha

Also you have to see the video for one of the tracks, Super Bitter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swlv8SOdtxM

Postage, especially outside of Europe is pricey. Unavoidable at the moment unfortunately. We are trying to pool orders to countries outside Europe if people wanna save.

Feryl wrote:

Yeeeee all new / unreleased songs from tons of artists! Including me, ha...

Shout out to the flying dinosaur who made this possible!

Thanks for getting in touch and contributing!


Really happy with this one. PWYW with some lovely Fakemon artwork!

1. ウラボロシ - 頂への行進
2. 4ntler - Across the Night Club Plains
3. scythe - 君が望むなら
4. City Guys - Jungle Encounter
5. pouale x DEFENSE MECHANISM - Malicious Machine Malfunktion
6. Please Lose Battle - Eleven O'Clock
7. robotmeadows - Sun Coloured
8. Duplica - Senpai Got Dunked On Cuz He Was Tenpai Waiting For A Dead Tile
9. Borealis - YA!
10. Gesceap - Lonely
11. Corset Lore - Accessorize
12. lpower - disorder 3
13. Notehead - elec2
14. Whitely - Liberdade de Amor
15. Grizzly Cogs - teenage years
16. sloopygoop - In Case You Didn't Wonder
17. Feryl - Errant Youth
18. Dagobah - Particle Accelerator
19. itspandaonair - Anteater (HarleyLikesMusic remix)
20. b-knox - dies irae sneaks into the chip show
21. KeFF - Pocari Welcome
22. NESMETAL - The Inevitable, Irreversible Flow
23. LOW STAKES - Kinda Stanky
24. HarleyLikesMusic - Steel City (itspandaonair Remix)
25. Chaos LOL - Ripshank
26. sdhizumi - Chapter 2414

8-BITchintendo wrote:

if you like old nes style like this? https://soundcloud.com/8-bitchintendo/8 … xpress-ost
i can make a track

Yes, please send something in

We have a new very chill and summery one from Whitely from the UK!


"Watch the dolphins playing gleefully in the distance as you feel the foamy ocean lapping at your feet - a year on since the release of SEAPUNK2020, Whitely returns with more chilled chip bangers to transport you to A Happy Place. Single-handedly resurrecting the seapunk style, this is another sumptuous and summery long player that you won't want to let pass by. Take it away, Whitely!"

egr wrote:

Any other contact besides Twitter?

We have a Facebook page and a Bandcamp page where you can message us smile

We're opening submissions to everyone for our next compilation. If you'd like to know more please get in touch ✌️ Twitter is a good place to do so.

Really happy with this one. 25 chiptune artists pay homage to the train jingles of Japan. Free download.


'If you've visited Japan and used their wonderful train system, one thing that no doubt caught your attention was the jingles or 'departure melodies'. 発車メロディ or 駅メロ are written to evoke a sense of pleasant calm within the environment of a bustling platform, but also hurry passengers along at the same time.

The jingles are different across stations and lines, meaning each tune becomes associated with a certain place. This release features numerous chip and electronic artists, each developing a track around their chosen jingle; it's an homage to the experience of riding trains in Japan, hopefully connecting with those melodies lodged in your memory via your daily commute or a holiday trip.

Download the release to access a chart showing the jingles used by each artist.'


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Bit different from our usual output but Beam's track on the Hikikomori compilation got such a good reaction that we wanted to do a full EP. FFO Disasterpeace's Fez OST maybe?


'Recorded during the turbulence of 2020, Beam is about travel to a different, calmer place where you can rest for a while, breath deeply, regain your health and gather your thoughts. As much for the listener as it was for the artist who made this.'


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Fucking massive

The new 5-track EP from Harley. Massive UK-style bass bangers with a film noir concept...


"It wasn't a bag, it was far worse than that. But it was exactly what I needed to see. I'd been on the trail for long enough and now I had the scent. All the things I knew but couldn't prove -- this was my ticket to the big money. 'Don't blow it kiddo.' I kept repeating it over and over like a madman. That elusive final piece fell into place and the game was up. She was gonna go down with them... but I couldn't let that dame sway me. This town is a sewer and it's about time someone cleaned it up."


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We just put out this big summery album of 13 tracks by Whitely on the Squad. Had a good response so far, some nice joints on here. He's trying to bring seapunk back haha. Features remixes by Je Mappelle, Xyloid and 2xAA too!


'Seapunk is back for 2020, with chill chip, 90s house and drum & bass styles along for the ride! Whitely and friends perfectly channel the sounds of summer, sea and sand, so hit play and hit the beach!

25% of all profits from this release will be donated to Telford Mind, a mental health charity.'