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Bit different from our usual output but Beam's track on the Hikikomori compilation got such a good reaction that we wanted to do a full EP. FFO Disasterpeace's Fez OST maybe?


'Recorded during the turbulence of 2020, Beam is about travel to a different, calmer place where you can rest for a while, breath deeply, regain your health and gather your thoughts. As much for the listener as it was for the artist who made this.'


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Fucking massive

The new 5-track EP from Harley. Massive UK-style bass bangers with a film noir concept...


"It wasn't a bag, it was far worse than that. But it was exactly what I needed to see. I'd been on the trail for long enough and now I had the scent. All the things I knew but couldn't prove -- this was my ticket to the big money. 'Don't blow it kiddo.' I kept repeating it over and over like a madman. That elusive final piece fell into place and the game was up. She was gonna go down with them... but I couldn't let that dame sway me. This town is a sewer and it's about time someone cleaned it up."


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We just put out this big summery album of 13 tracks by Whitely on the Squad. Had a good response so far, some nice joints on here. He's trying to bring seapunk back haha. Features remixes by Je Mappelle, Xyloid and 2xAA too!


'Seapunk is back for 2020, with chill chip, 90s house and drum & bass styles along for the ride! Whitely and friends perfectly channel the sounds of summer, sea and sand, so hit play and hit the beach!

25% of all profits from this release will be donated to Telford Mind, a mental health charity.'

Thanks everyone. This really did go down very well, and we have plenty of new releases in the pipeline. ALSO we just started selling our first ever batch of t-shirts on the Bandcamp. They look and feel great. https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/merch/pte … ad-t-shirt

This was a lot of fun to put together. Most I asked to contribute said yes and the standard is so high. It was made to give everyone in isolation something to listen to. See the - very varied - tracklist below. Stream/download at https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/hikikomori

Disasterpeace - Fruit Drop
Wool Pool - Visitor
tenfour - The Tandematic
scythe - 夜は平等に
Tobokegao - J-pop Is Ready For Love (GB 2-step Version)
NESMETAL - Wellinrowe Nights
Fearofdark - Take It Day By Day
Walter Ego - Toad's Trap
HarleyLikesMusic vs. Pain Perdu - Dread'n'Butter
2A0X - Nite Vis
goreshit - good?
Norrin_Radd - Bounty Hunter
Heosphoros - Mercuric
ap0c - 3am Tuesday
Gesceap - Acid To LA Again
Cheapshot - Surf
nmlstyl - fourtitude
Please Lose Battle - Pale King
(T-T)b - Daisy
Jellica - slpbng
DonutShoes - Stump
sdhizumi - Traffic Control
Beam - Beam
yukkerom - ユッケロムの意思
Videogame Orchestra - Hero's Lament
Pulsing - Science Island   
Grizzly Cogs - Lonely Birthday
Rock Candy - Strikeout
lpower - 2020
City Guys - Mothership
tenfour - The Tandematic (Instrumental)
nmlstyl - fourtitude (Band Version)

We just put out an OST from City Guys AKA Tich (and Tom) from Off Me Nut Records, some of you might know??

It's really fun and there's a whole backstory for it. Have a listen on the Pterodactyl Squad Bandcamp, cheers.

https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/sil … ccer-blast

1. Title Screen 01:22
2. Level 1: Kick Off in the Stadium 02:34
3. Level 2: Spooky Snake 02:21
4. Level 3: Streets of Snake 03:11
5. Level 4: Half-time Blimp 04:26
6. Level 5: Jungle Sssafari 03:45
7. Level 6: Goin' for Goals 02:50
8. Level 7: Silly Snake vs. Maradona 03:13
9. End Credits (Joyous Embrace) 03:08

I reckon we can get another out before the year's end, definitely seeing as we're planning to meet up in person.


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herr_prof wrote:

it shreds! Make shirts of the album art!

They would be legit. We were actually thinking of shirts of the new label logo...


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Hi everyone, we have a brand new release from chip metal genius, Heosphoros and it's really f***ing good. It's also our first release since our rebrand, so take a look at the funky new artwork we're using now? We also have loads of our old releases available to stream / download on Bandcamp for the first time: https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/

https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/nei … n-nor-star

"Heosphoros is back with more sublime chiptune prog metal, his first solo EP in 10 years. Writing for the NES's 2A03 and VRC6 sound chips, he commands a strong melodic style that often channels a darkness and tension not always associated with chiptune. With distinctive artwork from Keff and a use of atmospheric and authentic samples, this is an otherworldly chip metal odyssey to get lost in. Join the quest of a man looking to black out the skies and kill the concept of 'dawn'. Download the release to get the bonus track, Palace of Destruction."

Yeah, dope as fuck. Looking forward to the thing.

Pastel One is about little sounds, and dancing, a little bit or a lot. Pastel One is about being joyful, and thinking about the soft things that can't hurt us. Your best friend's lip curling into a tiny smile. That time you got a little lick on the cheek from your favourite pup. A time to be alive and to breathe deep.

All tracks made using a Game Boy Advance SP, nanoloop 2, and a Korg Kaoss Pad Mini.


Something a little different from Pulsing on the Squad.

"This release is heavily influenced by post-rock bands as well as by RPG soundtracks. Tomorrow the World is a four part LSDJ concept album that follows the first day of a hero's journey and the events and emotions they experience.

1. The Dawn, The Village
2. The Morning, The Path
3. The Evening, The Encounter
4. Tomorrow, The World"


New release on Pterodactyl Squad - Run From Reality by Hide Your Tigers!

Hide Your Tigers joins the Squad with this 6-track EP of four to the floor, pumping LSDj party-starters. Having created a signature sound one might describe as "thick and bassy", these tracks have a firm and unwavering intent to get your feet tapping and your legs slapping.



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Dope. Last release was sick. We played it on the new ep of the Gamewave Podcast, out today...


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Sounds perfect, can't wait