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This is a nice idea, looking forward to hearing!

Denon DN-X1500s 4 channel DJ mixer with effects and independent aux send/return. It's in excellent shape, and works 100 percent. Only gigged with a few times, and was always in a hard mixer case.


Quick Specs from Denon:

Metallic Silver Faceplate
Matrix Input (route any input to any channel!)
3-band EQ (On/Off Switchable) with parametric frequency adjustment.
High Performance Flex Fader with Tension Adjustment
Huge Headroom. No Distortion
8 Second Sampler
9 Internal Digital Effects
Cross Fader / Channel Start
D.S.P. by Analog Devices
Headphone Output selector (Split Cue)

Hello there! So the Planet Zaxxon discography now totals 16 albums, which you can get for a minimum of $12 for the lot. Nes, Adlib/FM, Nes with guitars/vocals, lots of variety in there! PIanet Zaxxon plans to do a lot of new things this year, and put out as much new media/music that it can. But for now, enjoy 16 albums of lo-fi/chiptune stuff that has been made over the course of the past 8 years. Thanks to all who have already heard any or all of these songs! You guys rock it !!!!! smile




cheapshot doing it up!!! he rules.

THIS FRIDAY!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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Look right above your post, there is already one exactly about mixers!! smile


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I have a brand new Powerpak for sale with 2GB CF card included. I bought it a month or 2 ago and it has been never used.

$125 SHIPPED to the US.




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Yooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!


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MY MAN !!!


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cheapshot wrote:


Couldn't find the download link though sad

oops sorry! its now download enabled!!


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Yo! finally finished my remix of Mya's "Case of the Ex," available for free download !!!

Made with Impulse Tracker, on MS-DOS, of course. smile

https://soundcloud.com/planet-zaxxon/my … e-download

https://soundcloud.com/planet-zaxxon/my … e-download


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Oh man, that is sad. That guy rules. sad

herr_prof wrote:

He lost his hearing??? That's horrible. I loved him.


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I just did a recording of all the drum samples (no vocal or effect things) from MIDINES. Check it:

140 samples.
16-bit, 44.1 mono.



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Just one FB-01 left, and still the Aria Pro II !!!