Thanks smile

Hey guys.

Bandcamp stream here: … xe-edition

Thanks a lot!


Thanks so much guys smile

Yeah, I needed to make some music for a trailer for the album, so I chopped up bits of an existing song and mixed it together in Logic. I added some synths and s tiny bit of piano too.

This is the trailer btw:


Here's the track

I reworked some loops from another track I was working on, recorded them in Logic Pro X and added some cutoff effects, reverb and some synths. I'm really pleased with the outcome, and I'd quite like to make more music this way. The whole track only took about 20 minutes to create.


Oops. I'll put some more codes in there. My bad

Hey, sure! Yeah, we're heading there tomorrow and will be there until Sunday. Really excited for it smile

Hey guys,

As a thank you for he feedback when I was getting started with LSDJ earlier this year, I thought I'd give a bunch of promo codes for the album.

The album is the soundtrack to HoPiKo, a game we're releasing in TWO DAYS (a bit nervous!!).

Info on the game:

Listen to the album here:

Promo codes:

Redeem here:



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Hi guys,

Our game, Hopiko is coming our in a week. We're giving away a 4 track EP version of the soundtrack on our bandcamp page:

This is the first album/EP I've done using LSDJ and it's been a lot of fun!



Hi Guys,

I've recently got into chipmusic and have been REALLY busy on my DMG (

I'm ready to put my first album together. So far I've been recording straight into Logic Pro X through the prosound jack and then simply adding a few subtle tweaks (EQ - compressor etc) and layering over a kick drum.

What do you guys do? I've heard that some people record each channel separately, what's the advantages of that?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!



Awww man, that'd be so much fun! I'd love to start gigging but I don't really know where to start! I'm very new to chiptunes big_smile

Hey guys,

I've been playing around with the idea of combining instruments with gameboy for a while now. I had a jam today and recorded it. Feedback welcome smile …

Hi guys,

I'm part of Laser Dog Games and we announced our new game today; Hopiko!

Check out the trailer here:

To celebrate, we've released a 4 track ep all made with LSDJ. Get it for free here: … untrack-ep

I'm new to LSDJ, so feedback is of course welcome.

Thanks a lot!!


metatronaut wrote:

Chipzel did it and I thought "hey that chipzel person does it then why not me!!?!?!?!?

Haha, that's pretty much how it went. I've been listening to sabrepulse, Trey Frey, Shirobon etc for a while too and never thought to think how the music was made. I'm pretty pleased I discovered LSDJ and this forum tbh smile

Thanks for the feedback Xuriik smile Yeah, I didn't want to go to too much detail about the ins and outs of it all. I thought that my mum needs to be able to understand it big_smile She shared it on facebook, so I'm hoping she did haha!

Just out of interest, what are the common pitfalls?

Hey guys. I love this forum, it's really helped me in my journey into chipmusic these last couple of months.

I've been writing the soundtrack to our latest games using LSDJ and I've written an article about it. I'd love feedback on it. … n-gameboys

Thanks a lot!!


Thanks man. I've not used the W command yet. Time to read the manual again wink