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not if you can get away with pickup only

thankyou, i wouldn't expect any less!


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ctrix is the winner of chiptune.

cd is in the mail wink

i do a heaps candy-segatrance

i like that idea, pity the site SUCKS tongue

people think likes=popularity contest

I'm in favour for them though, i think it gives an artist a certain sense of satisfaction towards their music, not saying that is the case for everyone...

just my two cents

*edit*joule however has a very good opinion on the situation


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Crunchy Records 2008
Anything by Fighter X (Newer albums more so)
Nothing has been left unspoken and Error Repeat by little-scale
Power Supply and Dawn Metropolis by Anamanaguchi
Icarus by Trash80
Information Chase by Bit Shifter
Coloris, Days, Chiptek and Orion by She (She is a fucking god!)
Perfect Distant Dream by FTFX and Ikari
Dot.AY's self titled album
Rainbow Parade by cerror
Thirteen by Xylo
Hyperelectrics by Boywonder
Disco Kitty Micro Mix 1 by an-cat-max
Lo-Gear and Vegavox II by Alex Mauer

or just the entire 8bp catalogue



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Sabrepulse wrote:

how about music you've written that isn't chip?

http://soundcloud.com/sabrepulse/sabrep … -line-demo

that is fucking beautiful!


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dexter wrote:


me from another thread wrote:

Them's fightin' words round here

on a side note: heart

You mean the EMS Carts right?


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akira^8GB wrote:

works in PC but not Macs.

story of my life!


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The Classical Arrangement - Dillinger Four

Spirals - Carpathian
From Isolation

Corner of an Endless Road - Lior
From Corner of an Endless Road

there is a link lol, click twittered


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i have a chkdisbrk email address.

be jealous


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your work is amazing man! put all ms paint haters to shame smile