not sure about cedar rapids. IC has all the uiowa kids, so I would think you'd have better luck there than cedar rapids, but I very well could be wrong.

I'm currently living in iowa city -- I don't know of any chipmusic community here, but it might be worth a shot anyway. Gabe's, Yacht Club, or Blue Moose would probably be appropriate for a chip show.

yeah sure why not

definitely not necessary in any way, but it can be helpful. as long as you don't take it too seriously.

I just finished my bachelors of music (in music tech) and I would absolutely say that it has improved my composition abilities (and ears and production and analysis and lots of other things). I even learned to appreciate/understand "12-tone wank" and that's kind of nice too I guess.

It's also very easy to get way too sucked into academia and completely lose any ability to be creative and actually enjoy music. my best professors were definitely those who weren't quite so concerned with writing perfect counterpoint for everything ever all the time.

do whatever works for you.



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I don't have a whole lot of insight on this... but I have attempted the nl 2.x + LSDJ on DMG sync. It does work, but one of the game boys ends up emitting an awful (and quite loud) hum. I've always assumed this was due to the voltage difference, but I'm not entirely sure.

I also have heard of people performing the sync without this issue, though. perhaps it depends on the nanoloop 2 version. maybe some versions of nl 2 have a fix for the voltage difference?

edit: this was nanoloop 2.7 on a normal GBA, for clarification



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sold and shipped already!
sorry guys, didn't anticipate such a quick response!


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I've had it for a while, barely ever use it, figure I should get it in the hands of someone who will big_smile … ucts_id=34
manual, downloads, blahblah all on the retrousb site

$120, shipped to US
feel free to PM if interested (price is negotiable!)

EDIT: I'll add a picture later when I can, if that's needed!

word, I'll be sure to stop by!

R U RDY 2 GET WAVYYYYYYY \(◕ิ ྱ ◕ิ)/

This Pulsewave will be Armageddon themed, so come decked out in your best end-of-the-world couture and fake (or real) blood! Be tasteful, please.

☻ @ 15 West 28th Street, between Broadway and 5th. 28th Street stop on the N, R

☺ Doors at 8PM, $10 admission



From Frederick, Maryland (currently living in NYC), chiptune musician Kedromelon composes and performs electronic dance music using Nintendo Game Boys.

♫ TREY FREY (WV) ♫ -
From Morgantown, West Virginia, Trey Frey is a chiptune musician who wants to dance with you.

New, unusual. Hear songs and see performances by self-professed "musician" holding small white video game consoles. All the rage. Harsh, annoying. "This is gaoing to blaow ahp," says Mr. M. McLaren of Paris, France. Exciting new movement. You better tune in now. Otherwise in ten years everyone will trading stories, and then won't you feel left out. Staring into your drink, wishing you had something to say. We've all been there. Now's your chance to change all of that. Curious new music. A startling and innovative step backwards in technology. What will they think of next.

☼ NOTENDO (NY) ☼ -
Jeff Donaldson is an audio/visual artist who has been working with
feedback systems since the late 1980s. At the beginning of the new
millennium, Donaldson began applying the concept of feedback to video game systems, transforming them into generative audio/visual instruments. Since publishing his video work online, Donaldson has exhibited internationally as well as helped to pioneer the fields of video bending and glitch aesthetics.

bryface wrote:

2.  melody lead lines need to have rests so as not to fatigue the listener's attention.  quite often i hear songs where melody lines just go on forever, snaking every which way, with no pause.  the longer the melody line, the harder the brain to retain it in its entirety until an "end" is perceived - at which point it can then start to file and categorize it mentally.

I can't agree with this more, totally of the opinion that good phrasing is what makes a good melody!

edit: i know i just used "phrasing" incorrectly, but ya know what i mean



this was great!
now im exhausted, see yall when im out of hibernation

PopSTAR wrote:

This is gonna be so much fun - so pumped...

holy crap did tate actually just post this must be an impostor

also, PIZZA

0 - Hat
1 --Hat
2 - Hat
3 --Kick
4 - Hat
5 --kick
6 - Hi-Hat
7 --snare
8 - kick
9 --kick
A - kick
B --kick
C - Hat
D --snare
E - Hi-Hat
F --kick

make sure tempo is high and kick is really deep so it sounds extra bad

SubWooferSpecial wrote:

As I said before, I'll be spending my entire sunday at that booth. Any chance there's some new chillbrave tracks to look forward to?

I can't really remember what you would've already heard haha
but YES, probably!  If not, then at least updated versions of just about everything