Parallelis wrote:

FINALLY, a chance to see chillbrave!

not to mention decktonic and kris keyser big_smile

mmmm excite!

;D I'll look forward to meetin' ya man!



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I'm studying music tech at NYU and we still have to take a decent bit of music theory, ear training, piano, history, and performance classes.  So yes, I can read music quite easily...
playing instruments, on the other hand........


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alright, but sadness aside... we better start figuring out what were all gonna be doing this next may instead amirite?


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Auxcide wrote:

You young whippersnappers. . .
Get a job!

for the record, I have two jobs and school. so. hay...


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SadPanda wrote:

Cool idea, but I think even 18 probably had experiences involving SNES/Genesis/GBC, they were still kind of around til like '98. this would be awesome in like 5 years when it gets to kids born in the 2000's who definitely did not grow up with it at all, or at least another one should be done then.

yup 18 here, even though I grew up on GBC and N64, I always had friends with older siblings who had SNES and Genesis, so I played them all a decent amount.

roboctopus wrote:
Kedromelon wrote:

that doesn't fix anything, it still has the click...

Is the click always right/center and never left?

hm, I'm not sure actually.  Whenever I do M command sidechaining the clicking seems to be center.

Frostbyte wrote:

Robox, I'll hook you up with my M command side chain patch that I learned from Jack smile

that doesn't fix anything, it still has the click...


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Frostbyte wrote:

Don't, you can really fuck up your gameboys. And don't reverse a headphone splitter either! That'll send a signal back into your gameboys and can mess it up real bad. Either use a mixer, or there's a way to solder resistors to the outputs to connect the signals safely, but it makes it pretty quiet. But you can use a headphone amp. I only know this because Kedromelon just did this haha. Ask him for advice smile

yup, making a passive summing circuit is really easy.  nothing but jacks and resistors, it causes loss in amplitude, so I use a cheap headphone amp after the summing circuit to boost it back up.  you also could just build a headphone amp circuit into it, or just build a stereo summing amplifier using just resistors and two operational amplifiers. (i think...)

EDIT: you can't "REALLY" mess them up, like frosty said, but it ain't good.  it's not like they're gonna explode or anything.


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just let go of the game boy
if youre holding it high enough, itll drop


now I wish I hadn't missed this..


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not too active on steam but add me anyway


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SketchMan3 wrote:
Frostbyte wrote:

Well of course placement isn't much to do with purpose, but isn't having a backlight switch kinda silly since you can't see the screen when you shut it off?

To save battery, and can't you see it in sunlight like the good old days?

no, to install a backlight the reflective layer that is usually behind the screen is removed


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I don't get what's being claimed to be so wrong with threads starting before the actual release.
I assume frost will post the actual release in this thread when he releases it, so its not like its wasting space and being spread across multiple threads.
There's nothing wrong with giving people a heads up that the album is coming.

That being said, I'm very excited to hear this, especially having heard some of the previous "versions" of Codex.  You've learned a lot since then frosty, can't wait to hear how you've improved these tracks.

Bandcamp requires upload of lossless files, so ALL tags on bandcamp downloads come from their tagging system.  For this track, genre and album are the missing tags, right?  I'm not sure why genre is missing, but album is because this was uploaded as a single track.

ah, gotcha.  thanks. overwhelming was kinda what we were going for on this, I guess.

for the record, you could say that Vengeance Valley is little more than a proof-of-concept of an idea we had for using a massive amount of game boys.  unlikely we'll do something quite like this again, and the material we HAVE been working on lately is far less over the top or overwhelming than this is.