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New HT2 track! This time, in free download with many other chiptunes from Italy.

Check out my new promotional video:
Remember about me? No? k...
I'm Overcesium, i'm an artist and animator and just to mention some of my chiptune related works, i've been in the chipwin vol.3 and vol.4 fanart contest. I've made album art and illustrations for awesome chiptune artists like For Astronauts and Satellites, Auracle, 0r4 Chipmusic, Microbrixia  and many more!
Check out my art here:
Last christmas i gave you my art, but the very next day i had to go away. This year, to save me from pain, i'm opening commissions again!
Like the last time i'm offering special discounts for chiptune artists AND other kinds of musicians. So, watch the video, cringe for the audio quality, then contact me via facebook or mail: [email protected] … ator-music
Spamming my Ht2 track composed on a TI-82 stats fr.
Not the most original cover ever, just the classic mario at a rave.

2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter cables has been added on Kitsch-bent!
I'll buy the gold-plated one. … ter-cables

unexpectedbowtie wrote:

Got mine today and everything installed! One thing I can't figure out is how to turn off the calculator whilst HT is running...

You have to stop the music by clicking the "play" button and then click "alpha"> "ON". Then click "mode" ( or "2nd"> "Mode") and finally turn of the calc by clicking "2nd"> "ON" smile

Aw man, now i understand the power of the 8xx effect. Pretty awesome.

irrlichtproject wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

I got a French one for super cheap on eBay!

Which one did you get? by any chance? If so, is HT2 working ok on that? It should in theory because the 82STATS is just a rebranded 83, but nobody has tried it yet I think.

I'm using a TI82 stats fr. and it works just fine. Also, it havent crashed yet until last time we talked on 1-bit forum tongue
I've made a lot of tracks already, i just need to make a decent mastering.

Glad you like it!

Hi everybody!
I'm Nicola Giacomelli, also know as Overcesium. I'm a freelance artist, i make animations and cool graphic arts.
I simply LOVE the chiptune scene, so i started to apply special discounts on commissions, only for chiptune artists!
Please take a look to this video:
Here's my Facebook page:
my Tumblr blog:
and the t-shirt shop:

And just to add more links, i'm a writer for a site dedicated to support the italian Micromusic scene.
You may probably have seen me in some facebook group such as "Chiptunes=Win" or "Micromusic Italy".
Ciao and see you soon!