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Yume is my second original song (the first being this) that was written using 2x LSDJ (Version 5.0.3).

After going through a (mandatory) two year hiatus, I finally had some time to put something together. I'm genuinely happy with how this song turned out; I hope you enjoy this release. smile


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Send me a PM if you happen to have one for sale.

The song I have in mind. This is the first time I've wrote an original song using 2x LSDj; having an additional Wav channel sorta opened up a few doors to ideas so I wrote up some piano chords and put in a bunch of things I learned from my previous songs written on 1x LSDj.

The things I wanted to know:
1.) Does the progression makes any sense; if it doesn't, is there a proper method to go about chord progressions in the realm of LSDJ?
2.) Were section to section transitions too sudden or smooth (I would hope it's the latter).
3.) Is the main melody too complicated/not as memorable? I tried to be a bit repetitive while providing variation throughout.

Aside from the three things mentioned above, I'm open to other criticisms about the song itself or the mix.

Thanks. : )


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Bump, could price drop to $60.

Ninten Kwon Do wrote:
aZu wrote:

What ever happened to Circles? He was another dude that worked alongside with Fighter X, though I haven't heard from him in ages.

Jack goes by Electric Children now. 

Woaaaaaah this is a really nice treat! I honestly thought he disappeared for good, I'm very glad to see him still making music, goodness.

What about USK? I sorta followed him on Instagram but all I see is like, drone videos now with some cool music, though I was wondering is he still active with using LSDj?

What ever happened to Circles? He was another dude that worked alongside with Fighter X, though I haven't heard from him in ages.


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Long story short, my friend found one recently and it wasn't in great condition. I didn't want it nor does he, so I'm helping him sell it off.

Some information:
. Screen works fine (no dead pixels).
. Keyboard is fully functional.
. Sound is a-okay at all volume levels.
. Trackpad is a bit wonky so you may need to get a port replicator for a mouse (unless you decide to use with DOS only).
. Condition overall is okay but the plastic is chipped and/or scuffed in some areas.
. Battery life is non-existent.
*** It does not come with a 2.5" hard drive or AC adapter but it works fine with Windows 98SE and Windows ME.

Photo album: http://imgur.com/a/CHDqY

Looking to sell this for $75 (shipping cost not included). PM if you're interested; also we're located in NYC so if you want to do a local pickup that's cool too.


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bamp ;c

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let ya'll know that if you happen to have an Armada Station or an Armada Station II you can attach any Sound Blaster card into the ISA slot and practically turns your laptop into a desktop. If you get the Armada Station (beach gray) with a 7700 or 7300 model, your computer should be able to detect the docking station and practically work out the box, same with the Armada Station II (opal/black color) with a 7400 or 7800. If you're like me and happen to have a 7700 and a Armada Station II, you may have to take additional steps to make the docking station fully functional...

Before you actually go about getting the dock station working, I highly recommend ensuring you have your necessary drivers and every possible Windows 98 SE update installed along with the custom service packages (I think there's a site somewhere that has those all available as an .iso). But anyways what I had to do was...

1.) Download several Compaq drivers:
> The Docking Station Drivers (This for the 7800 but I went along and installed it on my 7700; Device Manager readjusted/corrected the docking station).
> System Rompaq
> User Rompaq Upgrade

2.) Download and burn a copy of this Sound Blaster installation disk and also have a copy of sbw9xup.exe sitting in a folder and it's completely unpacked (by running the program).

3.) Disable your ESS Audio (the one that plays the FM-synthesis) in the Device Manager but leave the other ESS audio device enabled; then turn off the entire setup.

4.) Put your Sound Blaster card into the docking station in the back.

5.) Install the card by using the Sound Blaster installation disc you made and once that's done you'll be prompted to reset (again).

6.) Check your Device Manager and you *should* see an MPU-401 with a yellow exclamation point; right click and search for the drivers and Windows 98 will do a search for the things that need to be installed. You should see "Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE-32" along with MPU-401; go about the installation.

7.) Remember that sbw9xup.exe and the files it unpacked? Well, when you're trying to install the the Sound Blaster card, it'll ask for some sort of configuration file, try to direct the installation towards where the folder is located.

8.) From there the device should be recognized completely and you'll need to reset.

9.) Given that we already installed the Sound Blaster through the installation disc and allowed Windows 98 to detect/enable it through the sbw9xup, the last step is to go into your Program Files > Creative > DRV > Diagnostic.exe and go through the process of testing and setting up the device. If you somehow encounter an error like the "Low DMA", you should go into your Device Manager and disable devices you aren't using; for instance I had to disable a non-existent Floppy Drive that was causing the error.

Oh and one last thing, make sure your jumpers are set correctly.


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There's a few listings on eBay Germany, but those sellers won't ship internationally. I feel like most of these laptops aren't all that common here in the US.

Here's to hoping someone could sell one stateside.

pselodux wrote:

I don't know where you're located, but there are a couple on ebay in australia at the moment

edit: oh wait, neither of them post internationally

I'm located in NYC, but damn; I've been on the look out on various places, haven't had much luck yet. :S

Thanks for the heads up though.


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Does anyone got a Libretto in an overall great condition they would like to sell off? I'm looking for one that works out the box with Adlib Tracker II along with additional accessories such as the FDD and port replicator (not the mini, the one with the PS/2 connector).

Willing to negotiate a price, just send a PM or post on this thread.


PS. If you got a 70CT, that's also cool too.

Cooshinator wrote:
oscillating wrote:

That mod totally works on the front load nes. The powerpak emulates the expansion chips. I don't think that it emulates them all however. So some famitracker songs with those expansion chips may not be able to play back all of your parts.
Check out that tns-hfc5/tns-hxf4 stuff if you decide to go the famicom route.
If you get a powerpak, make sure to check out everything from Neil Baldwin. It'll help you switch your mind around approaching making music. Always helps me freshen up the staleness of using one software too long.

Dope, I'm glad about the front load thing, maybe I'll borrow my friend's NES and snatch a Powerpak. Then again wowie that tns-hfc5/tns-hxf4 stuff looks freaking gnarly; I'm thoroughly considering selling a bunch of my possessions and picking up some of that action. Anyone know how well those work with overclocked nsfs?

iirc my friend went out to Comiket last year and tried to get a TNS-HFC5/TNS-HXF4 at the venue (since the person who makes those usually shows up) and some store where they sold those things and apparently the dude ceased production.

Unless someone could prove me wrong on that :x

Does anyone happen to know the optical drive I should be looking for a Compaq Armada 7790DMT? All I have is the internal floppy disk and I don't seem to have my zip drives or whatever were used back then :L