oh man, i need to track this fella down


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i will buy this on December 1, 2014 i promise


New game (Windows only, sorry) + soundtrack combo. $1.99
Lots of warbly FM/OPL stuff.
Check it:


zanzan + giant claw
disasterpeace + j. arthur keenes
giant claw + j. arthur keenes
br1ghtprimate + peer

or any other combination of the above


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yes but i am not marketable enough so it'll never happen
that said, my adventure game Dropsy was marketable enough to be signed by Devolver Digital, so I guess it worked out :B

team frogout home of the toilet frogdog represent

^^^ That sounds like a good idea.

Whoa! I'm glad you're doing better man. smile Are you absolutely sure that you're comfortable enough to part with $500?

That said, what kinds of projects are you looking for? New labels, albums, etc?


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Hi New, I'm Jay. big_smile

In all seriousness, welcome.

theghostservant wrote:
9-Heart wrote:

Thanks, i guess there also will be different designs in the future. Currently also trying out other sizes.
That Guy who makes this Point & Click Clown Game, called "Dropsy" pixel'd that.
You might wanna check out his campaign (KICKSTARTER ) and throw some cash at him.
He seems to know what he's doing. Yeah.

And i guess this is not going the be the last mixtape. Well, it is, atleast for some time. Maybe a year or less. I dunno.

wait a sec


As I said before, that talk was rad. You did a really good job of making chip accessible to more than just a niche crowd. You did, however, forget to talk about cheesy undersea baked potatoes that will blow your socks off.


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you nailed the theme C-Jeff. this thing makes me want to be a trucker. and loop this masterpiece for the entirety of my career.

nice stickers.
also, that logo is REALLY COOL LOOKING.
who did it? they must be really really good

also, I'm in. tho not for the near future, I'm pretty busy

Ha, sorry man. tongue

danimal cannon wrote:

Misfit clowns?  Woop Woop? 

Going for the Juggalo market?  Just callin em like I see em buddy

gotta go where the money is, right? tappin that central florida Juggalo cash fountain

Boy Without Batteries wrote:

yikes A chip show in lakeland?! Sign me up!

Woop woop.