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Sorry for the necromancy but this is a good thread.

My first show ever was in 2007, boy did that one suck. My first actual chip show was one I helped organize in downtown Lakeland with Lissajou and Goatslacker.  Just me, a few contollers, a delay pedal, and a bass player. It went pretty well.

DJ Swampy never actually showed up so we had a lot of last minute prep work to do. Here's a video from my last song:


The other fellas did well and I appreciated their driving so far.


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The only time I sell my stuff is when I invest a large amount of cash/time into the production of it. Out of 16 releases, I've only sold two. The chiptune release sold next to nothing (it's free now), while the noise-pop album sold well.

This is really solid. Took a few listens to grow on me as most chip albums do, but yeah. Track 2 stands as my favorite right now.

Woo, glad you guys are enjoying it! Any suggestions for blogs or anything that may enjoy this style?


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how can people be this dumb?!

I'm in Winter Haven quite a bit cause my sis goes to PSC for music. Definitely want to jam though. We have a mission trip to New Orleans with our youth coming up to help out with the spill and minister... but after that I'll have a crapload of free time. Thursdays, Fridays, and Sunday nights are usually best for me.

Guess we can continue this in PM so I don't crap up my thread.

No flippin way, WINTER HAVEN? I live right near Bartow. Ahahahaha.

This thing has a few throwbacks to Magma and Ruins and stuff like that, but it's mostly the standard over-the-top prog rock/chiptune type deal I put out every now and then. Runs about twenty minutes. Info:

Father Gabriel's contemplative gaze at the twilight sky was violently interrupted by a legion of alien flying machines. Rhythmic chants of "Dauda Fruiht Tageur-De" filled the air as the ships descended further. Gabriel blacked out. He later awoke with implanted memories depicting a species of intelligent fruit-like beings and their beautiful dying planet. These are the folk songs of a lost world.

1. Papaya Tageur
2. Poison Berries; Long Live King Kiwi!
3. The Royal Tangerine and His Faithful Orange
4. Ancient Pomegranate Prophecy I
5. Ancient Pomegranate Prophecy II
6. Plantainia
7. Mangosteen Tageur

John Crayon - Synthesizers, Guitar, Percussion (4, 5)
Van Hunsberger - Drums (4, 5, 7)
Travis Woodson - Voice (4, 5)
Moses Talbot - Bass Guitar (4, 5)
Christine Tholen - Vocals
Jay Tholen - Vocals, Ukulele, Everything Else

Download: 192 KBPS mp3
Download: FLAC

I'd appreciate any specific critiques you guys may have.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!