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Mega Washington wrote:

This is... really good! Well done. Really dense, but never overbearingly so.

Not too hot on the art, though I suppose it is better than a lot of other releases. It's mostly just the written title that I don't like.

Ahh. I'm kind of sick of the art myself... I drew me funny. And I kind of envision a Roger Dean-ish landscape for this one. Oh well. But yeah, thanks for the compliment!


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Ha. I appreciate that. Much attention was given to the specific placement of sound. And all the leitmotifs everywhere and stuff. Thank you so much for attentively listening... it really does mean a lot.


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bleo wrote:



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Thanks guys. :3

Agreeing with what PlainFlavored just said. Getting away from the computer seems to do wonders for me.

Also, take risks and try stuff you aren't comfortable with. Many of my 'creative breakthroughs' have come when I pushed myself into unfamiliar territory. For example: two years ago I started sampling vinyl. At first it was daunting because I had no real idea what the heck to do to make the samples sound good in a song, but now I can't imagine working without them. Most of the brass parts in the album I'm working on are nothing more than reprocessed bits from old jazz records. They practically know me at the thrift stores now.

Oh okay... just sometimes the bass was blowing me away and sometimes it was very soft. But yeah it's very enjoyable... didn't mean to sound like a butt.

This thread is significantly less love-filled than I envisioned.

So I gave this a good listen; here are my scattered thoughts. Track 2 was annoying for a few reasons (mostly the guest vocalist, and the repetition of a not-very-catchy melody)... but I enjoyed almost all of the rest of it. Did you mix this on headphones? The levels are somewhat inconsistent.

My favorites are Fallen Leaves (love the intro), Sleepy Room, and Dancing Shadows Part 1.

The lyrics range from a little cliched (only one or two tracks) to pretty darn good. And I do "get" all of them. I respect the amount of sounds you layered. Makes it interesting.

I was mostly kidding in the little preface.

wedanced wrote:

who the fuck is dis mothafucka? this is the lamest thread i have ever seen.

wedanced: You are very honest. I like that.

SKGB wrote:

crystal castles is by far the most talented, creative band, unique group in the scene right now


SKGB: Your music isn't bad AND you're a talented humorist. smile


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PlainFlavored wrote:

I hope I can grab a scratch-n-sniff copy of this somewhere down the line.

Yes! And maybe one of those plastic lenticular 3D prints that you move back and forth in the light.

PlainFlavored wrote:

I don't see a real reason for this thread to exist. Things have been relatively civil on this site since its inception, and even if that weren't the case a thread like this certainly wouldn't help. This is the internet, where it's much more difficult to convey sarcasm and much easier to read things out of context. It's getting tiring having to read people questioning the moral character of the chipscene... self-satisfying comments about gamer culture and accusations of chipmusic as a gimmick would be refreshing at this point.

tl;dr big whoop, wanna fight about it?

PlainFlavored: You have excellent critical thinking skills and you seem pretty friendly.

Heosphoros wrote:

Shut the fuck up

Heosphoros: I like your avatar. I have not heard your music but I am sure it is fantastic.

It's no secret that most of the posters here are huge contentious jerks to each other most of the time. Being mean sucks and being nice is cool. This thread is for being nice. I will begin:

Zan Zan: Your music is great and underrated and I think you are funny.

egr: Your music is also great and I appreciate you plugging my junk every now and then.

BR1GHT PR1MATE: Ditto, and you are a smart person and I enjoy reading your informative posts.

If you are not nice you suck.


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This happens to me every so often but it never lasts long. I usually just take a break completely from creating anything and spend more time going outside, praying, reading, etc. Just generally changing my surroundings helps a lot. It's a cycle.