When/where was it? (optional)

How did it go?

If you could time-travel and redo the gig, what would you do differently?

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Milan, Italy

november 22th 2008.
lot of fun. big_smile

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The Mountains

blip 09. phenominal. more beer.

Milton Keynes, England

mine was alot of fun. it was back in summer at a place called the sno!bar.
it was a little battle of the bands type thing.
it all went pretty well, except one of my gameboys froze up and refused to work anymore for this one song D:
had to completely skip the song and carry on with the rest of the set. haha.

Milan, Italy

I was dancing like a mad.. and the main mixer fallen down the table stopping the music.

I should have a video of that somewhere..
let me upload it on youtube. big_smile


my first was actualy a open mic in a pub! funny how things improve eh wink

Los Angeles

My 1st actual chip oriented gig in Las Vegas in 2001, at the classic gaming expo. I thought it was london the following year but now that I think about it, vegas was the 1st time i did c64 remixes and played a c64 live. It went so well that I have played chip shows ever since as well as sparked a full tour the following year in Europe.

(Sorry littlescale!)

Here is a video clip from G4TV's "Extended Play" we are in about 1m20s. My friend Randy played the drums on a midi controller for me.

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Classic photo right there, Seth!

Chicago IL

my first ever show was a house party in 2004. it was called DrunkeNES and featured $5 all you could drink beer / whiskey, and NES competitions. which seemed to mainly be the dude that lived there playing megaman 2 as fast as possible.

i was supposed to perform and dj, got there and they had 3 turn tables, 2 cartridges, and one working needle. then some skinheads showed up and started huffing DustOff.


This was one of my first animalstyle shows that wasn't a house party.  before i was doing straight chip...  i had this project with some software synths and my guitar - after the gig, i asked to be paid...  and the dude was like "i'm not going to pay you to push buttons."  (mind you i was playing guitar with everything and we had a verbal agreement for a certain $$... because i organized all the bands + was playing) i don't think the guy (club owner) had any idea what was going on because he was so drunk.  anyways...  the night ended with me really fucking pissed and my friends trying to "talk" to the dude.  as i left... the dude threw ice cubes at my head - i think i called him a fucking asshole and left or something (i wanted to punch him in the face).  Awesome times.  This was at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ.  Don't play there!

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Kiel, Germany

First "gig" will be on the 5th in Dresden, but I tried both house parties and street (/park) busking
one of the parties was a total disaster, the other one went nice, probably because half the people had taken e's beforehand
the busking stuff was fun and some people liked it, others called the police on my ass hmm that's germany to you :\


Covox, Nullsleep and Oxygenstar.  Suckaaaaas


first chip gig on 21 April 2005, more of a DJ set, with paza psylodump benetbene and i think the guy from puss

the only thing i'd change is the hair.

first gigs were in various bands playing bass back in the 90s though.

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New York City

Cool thread.
This is actually the first official 8GB gig:

August 28, 2004

It was a party we organized ourselves in a super club club in Buenos Aires called Cocoliche (the meanest sound system in town. No compressor/limiter to protect the system, so you gotta be careful).

There was one before that, when I first played the Game Boy, it was a birthday of a friend of a friend, and as such, does not count. It wasn't even 8GB then big_smile

The gig went extremely well considering that:
- It was the first time we organized an event. Club was packed for a different type of night. Awesome
- It was the first time we did an audiovisual set. I would be using Reason and play everything in live mode, linked to shitty Arkaos by MIDI, a nightmare (and Arkaos had too much latency). Nothing like that was tried before in the country so we were learning as we went, stepping on new grounds.
- The MIDI chain got broken as I got to start, which meant the "intro" lasted many more minutes than the seconds it had to while I fixed that shit! Maybe it wasn't minutes but it felt ETERNAL to me.

I don't think I would change a thing about it! It was the first time my parents saw me perform ever, and this remains as a very emotional gig in my memory. Have you ever performed in front of your parents? that shit is stressful big_smile

Here's a video of that very first moment, the beginning, with the lockup, the nerves, and all emotions within:
You can quite see the tight AV integration anyway and that is cool big_smile
Haha, cover of Commando we played a bunch of times then, so far the only videogame track I ever covered/remixed big_smile
Somewhere I have an excerpt of the whole performance, with 4 or 5 tracks. I gotta look it up.

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my first 'gig' was actually my college's Electronic music concert. tongue LSDJ + Live drums + two synths.

The Bronx

When/where was it? (optional)
"Blip" at FUN on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, New York City; July 18th, 2001. The lineup was DJ Unknown, Nullsleep and I.

How did it go?
Three people showed up. My younger brother, Nullsleep's girlfriend and Cory Arcangel. It sounded good and loud, though; so that's alright.

If you could time-travel and redo the gig, what would you do differently?
Get a laptop, haircut and fashion consultant.