Newcastle, UK

No! More drunken banter! More MC Custard! More Shonen abuse!! ;D

Middlesbrough, UK

ill bring the paddle!

York, Yorkshire

MC Custard FTW!

NSW, Australia

It was pretty gnarly.

Kiel, Germany

SO! It was awesome. Got the spot right after Tom fucking Woxom so people were heated up already, though I had been dancing for 5 hours straight so was sorta exhausted (also hyped up on energy drink). Started with some rather tame songs, and people... actually... liked it o_O
had some tech problems which low bit revolte solved quickly, shit was nuts, was jumping and headbanging and screaming and fistpumping (that's all the usual chip performance stuff isn't it), ended the set with some rather hardcore shit (which made half the people leave, but the rest went completely insane), can't remember anything from that point on though.

The whole party was crazy, 200 people around at the fullest times, glow sticks everywhere, awesome music...
and no hangover in the next mornin:D


glowsticks.......   ...........

edit: oh nm missed that you were from germany. glowsticks are completly normal then! sorry

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Sorry for the necromancy but this is a good thread.

My first show ever was in 2007, boy did that one suck. My first actual chip show was one I helped organize in downtown Lakeland with Lissajou and Goatslacker.  Just me, a few contollers, a delay pedal, and a bass player. It went pretty well.

DJ Swampy never actually showed up so we had a lot of last minute prep work to do. Here's a video from my last song:

The other fellas did well and I appreciated their driving so far.


On September 2nd, 2009 I opened for Anamanaguchi at Ground Kontrol in Portland, Oregon. I did a split set with a friend.

It was a disaster... I wasn't ready to play live, and the monitors blew out during my set.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
PlainFlavored wrote:

...and the monitors blew out during my set.

That's how you know you're doing your job!

Washington DC

My first show was at magfest in 2008. I played mp3's off of a laptop. Also I had to play after VIRT.


It went well though. It was like 4 in the morning and all 6 people left were digging it.

I wouldn't change anything about it really.

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Washington DC


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My first microparty (as a spectator) in 2003 \o/

It changed my life!
Some photos:
(clic on "Menu Principal"/Parishq/"the first one")
*I think Malcom McLaren was in the public*

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Beverage wrote:

and a homosexual couple ballroom danced and kissed a bunch.

its nice to know that this has happened to someone else. seriously.

first gig was almost a year ago now (dec 2009)  in bumpers game room at oakland university in rochester, MI.

line up was us, NOROCK, and OctavialSilver. it was supposed to be an "educational seminar" about vintage gaming consoles as musical instruments. basically each of us dropped a little knowledge on the audience about what we were using and then proceeded to rock out.

we played terribly, but i wouldnt trade it for anything, it was my first time really hanging out and seeing the MI homies perform live and i loved it. afterwards we somehow wandered into the universities radio station booth and sat down with the DJ how was hosting her late night show. the interview started with chipmusic and ended with the legalization of was a good night.

South Dakota
8bitweapon wrote:
yuh wrote:

tech tv btw

Most folks dont really know  it was once techtv. smile

Most folks don't really know it was once ZDTV smile

rochester, ny

like this - !


First Videovalvontaa gig was at some summercabin party in october 2005, we had no sync between GB and laptop, I had no idea of how to use my midikeyboard, there probably was lot's of pitchbending and useless knob twisting involved. We were really drunk.

First gig where there was other people than friends was in january or february of 2006. We organized it ourselves, didn't know anything about party planning. We invited couple of other bands to play. I dont remember much of the gig other than I was nervous as shit, the PA was awful (because we didn't really have a real one, only the one used for DJ:s) and during our last song we trashed as sort of ritual one NES unit. I played some gabberish beat and Keff threw (already broken, I believe there were much of insides missing) NES unit to the floor and stomped it to pieces. I think some people joined in too. I think we covered the rent of the place for evening and paid to other artists too, it was a fun night.