RSVP yall:


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thanks man big_smile


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big_smile I was hoping that was what you meant.


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I'm pretty sure they're all here:
The last two or three! 8)


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Radical. Album art too, it's giving me a bit of a Monster Party vibe. :0)


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Thanks guys! big_smile
I'm loving FM synthesis now. Never thought I'd ever get into it this much.

who cares about quantifying stuff - just make whatever


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Howdy guys!
Just put up a little promotional EP in celebration of our Kickstarter being 100% funded! Woooo!
The kickstarter is here if you want to contribute:

Lots of FM tones in this one. Quite Earthbound inspired.
Check it out: … rly-tracks

1. Intro Theme Jingle / Harrowing Past 00:25
2. Dropsy's Theme 00:27
3. To Adventure! 01:03
4. Friendly Cavern 01:39
5. Uncertain Times 03:29
6. Dreamworld Nightmare 01:27
7. REWARD-O-BOT II 01:26
8. Dropsy and the Black Lodge (Twin Peaks + King Crimson) 04:11


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This is so freaking awesome! Ahhhhh!

I'm adding it to my list of music to buy when I'm not a poor guy.

Also, the album art is super nice.

This is freaking awesome! I went ahead and purchased it even though I'm poor as crap. It'll be perfect for the soundtrack I'm working on.


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ShintarouMusic wrote:
danimal cannon wrote:

That is crazy cheap.  Don't ask for that.

Aye, I thought someone might say that. :I
I'm happy just doing shit even if I don't get anything back.

If you're hoping to get into making music for games, don't undersell yourself ever. Everrr.


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sandneil wrote:

maybe prematurely giving up is  a symptom of the adhd and a sign that the new medicine is less effective at dealing with your adhd than the last one? speak to your doctor about imo

Don't be ridiculous. Most children at the age of 6 are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD whether they actually have it or not. It is natural for all children to display the qualities of ADHD because they are bored easily and have lots of energy.

Giving up on things is a symptom of depression.

There are various forms of ADHD - not all of them manifest in the same way.  While I agree that it's over-diagnosed, that doesn't negate the reality of it.


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I also struggle with ADHD-PI. The most difficult thing is starting something from scratch- sometimes I can stare at the screen for hours and have very little to show for it. sad Coffee does seem to help, even if it's just a placebo, as I'm too poor to afford insurance/meds. smile


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As a weird hippie who releases almost everything for free, I don't mind my music being on this channel. It doesn't bother me that he didn't ask either.

That said, it's entirely reasonable that someone would feel that they should've been contacted first. Not really that outlandish. Both opinions are valid. neutral


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please can I have my vote un-nullified, I'm sorry sad