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Thanks Dan! :B

theghostservant wrote:

because crap, duly noted

Ha. I'm just hoping I didn't type it that way in the liner notes of the cassettes. I could make up some mysterious explanation I suppose.


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your production is so good. personally, this is my favorite album of yours. I'd say the songwriting is a bit more "pop" and flaming lips / el-p -esque, which is a dang good thing. the lyrics to "a lament" are stunning too.

yes I like this. a lot.

Heck yeah. Thanks. smile

I feel like the first song, while I like it, is messing me up a bit. The bandcamp statistics show a suuuuuper steep dropoff of listeners after track one. EVERY SONG SOUNDS DIFFERENT PUNKS.


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Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing whatchew thank.



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Some tracks are like 95% chip, some are 10%. ~Oh well~

check it ----> http://swancitysounds.bandcamp.com/albu … e-of-earth


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^^^ one of my attempts
I personally think it works really really well. The genre's popularity sort of mirrors the lifespan of the NES so they're kind of culturally connected.


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Jay T.
PO BOX 241
Homeland, FL 33847

I'll send some stuff myself soon too. smile

I'm playing at this. COME YOU JERKS.



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A Boy and His Dog


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theghostservant wrote:
n00bstar wrote:

the birth of chipmusic bollywood? that could be interesting smile

http://jtholen.bandcamp.com/album/when- … e-rainbows

Hahahaha, I'm in a meme sweet.

I would like to be able to design the wife of my dreams and have her emerge from the screen in a burst of pink and lime green light.

I'm done with most of my current projects and have more bills coming up soon! Contact me!

I like the vocals - I just wish the "8-bit" element was more involved and varied. Those straight up waves don't lend themselves well to the nasty crustiness I love about the original. Not a bad effort at all though. smile

stuck on my head so bad

Here's one I just finished for Matthew Joseph Payne:

I'll be finished with all current commissions this week, so let me know if you need some art!

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ableton treats video clips the same way it treats audio clips. you'd need to do most of the video work in something else though.

but i did this in ableton cause i was bored

Oh my goodness. How have I not known about this. Nevermind guys, this is exactly what I needed.