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No one really knows me or will ever care to know me so you could just
shrug it off and say: Ehh, he was a n00b anyway.
One less to flood the music feed full of blippity blip blip trash. hahaha


If I get more than 30 people (Setting high standards so i don't come back lol)
to reply about how much they like it, then I will come back. But until then... smile


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Very few of you know who I am, I never really stuck around the site much.
And I never got the time to play any live shows in my town. I could have
became so much better if I really put my heart into it but I decided to focus
on my classes again.

I'm an engineering major at my uni. Music was a fun hobby for
this year and I learned a lot more than I expected in 8 months.

This is a goodbye, an album release, and goodluck for everyone out there!
Being a musician is too much sacrifice for me, so I bow to those who keep it up!

My album previous to this one needed some work, so I remixed/edited/improved it greatly!
So I have released this album as a last project since I'm really satisfied with it. I may not
have done everything my project would have lived up to, but it's good enough.

I think I can say this album is FOOKIN GEWD.

And what do I care if you're angry with my arrogance? I'm leaving for a LONG while (if not for good).
It's not perfect. But I learned a lot of music theory in 3 months and I'd say I did well for never playing
music or composing it once before being introduced to Chiptune/Low-Fi music.



I have a LAST.FM page too but I stop maintaining it.

This is my 2nd/3rd time backlighting my gameboys.
I succeeded the first time.
The second time seemed annoying. And now the third time
has just plain pissed me the F*** off.

I have done EVERYTHING correctly. I guess maybe it could be that I'm more
of a musician and not a circuits expert? But the flimsy little wires keep breaking
because of the crammed space. Even before the wires break, I can't get the
LEDs to light up completely. They are dim. Like... Barely-visible-in-complete-darkness dim.

Then I messed around with the wires a bit. and then the screen lit up!
Then I tried putting the case on it gently and the screen went dim again.

DO YOU KNOW HOW ANGRY I AM?! Very very very very angry. Am I using too much solder?
Not enough solder? Are my soldered joints really sh***y? The solder hardly sticks to the wires
and it always sticks to the tip. Then when I turn the heat down, the solder solidifies. Is it my soldering



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I'm sure a few of you have heard of this story from a couple people online a few times before already.
One success creation is by crtdrone:


and another by some guy named Jackson:

http://hackaday.com/2010/12/06/original … dvance-sp/

I have closely inspected Jackson's images on different forums and I can pinpoint where to solder
most of the wires, but I have a few blindspots for the DMG buttons (Where the sp buttons are wired to).
Has anyone completed this project and doesn't mind lending a few tips?

Jackson's seems more complicated since you have to solder wire to every pin to the cart port, but
at least you can see where the wires are supposed to go. The rest appears to be easy to figure out
after studying closely.

I've got the DMG board drawn off to where I need to make the cut,
I can see the following places I need to solder wire:
-L/R shoulder buttons
-Start/Select buttons (SP only)
-D_Pad, A&B buttons (SP only)
-DMG Speaker to SP audio pins/flats

I cannot see the following:
-DMG D-Pad, Start/Select, A&B buttons to SP buttons circuits/pins?
-Volume dial from SP to DMG
-Power switch from SP to DMG and Rechargeable battery

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. smile


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@ Nex.

Oh wow. hmm That's very disappointing...
Well I'm guessing you have another project set in mode! haha
Can't wait for the next! big_smile


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Awh damn I figured such. hmm
Thank you for the reply!
I'm looking for a safe way to place the RGB LEDs around
the same area you did, but you managed to get all of those wires in
that case without crunching/bending?! I congratulate you! That's
def a lot of skill with 3-dimensional placement like others have
already said! O_O

I struggled getting my wires placed right with just my PS mod. hahaha


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Nex, where did you solder the LED wires? :<
If you don't mind tellin', that is! smile

This is pretty cool, thanks for the site! smile

...suck at shipping merchandise?
Is it really hard to look at the computer screen, see your OWN PRODUCTS that you sell, match it with the products that a customer purchased, put it in a box, and ship it...

Rhetorically, no. Realistically, apparently f***ing so.
I ordered from two different "trusted" sites so far and both have fucked up my orders.
Seriously people? I won't say names (yet), or I won't at all if I get everything fixed SOON.
But I've ordered parts about 3 times from one site, and the other one STILL hasn't fixed
my order and it's been a month. There's communication through email/message.
But WOW, people are forgetful and careless. Based on the prices, I see that they aren't
running their sites on full-time business. Is this a reason to mess up orders because they work
other unknown full-time jobs? Or is it a reason to NOT fuck up since they probably don't do overwhelming
amounts of business to give them ROOM for mistakes?
This isn't just a rant or annoying post: I'm a customer, I work hard at my job to get paid, then I spend
an surprising amount of money to get the products I need for my music. I wouldn't complain if a business
had a BAD ATTITUDE with me. Customer service to me is GIVING ME WHAT I PAID FOR. Not a smile, not
a "Have a good day!" I pay for the product, I know that the seller doesn't give a damn about me, so don't lie.

Seriously. 1-2 more weeks, then I'm bashing names. TWO sites. Not just one... I mean, one would be understandable.
Excuse my frustration, but it's damn hard to mod your F***ing gameboys on time when you're missing parts.
Can't really start progressing my music's ability unless I get my items, so this isn't just frustrating physically, but creatively
I have to touch FL studio just to jot down ideas for songs because my gameboys are incomplete right now...

Rant ended.
Other than that. Having a great day. big_smile

Ahh, well I know that another thread I've made has been deleted before.
I supposed there is no need for a tutorial on this since the directions are mostly
given when you purchase a 'semi-built' lsdjmc2 kit. I just lost the directions but
nevermind. Idk... bleh.

Could I have someone please delete this thread?
I actually realized I should have downloaded the file off of the store's website. -_-

Thank you for the tutorial find though!
That is a bit different than what I needed though. sad

I have the kit, purchased it. Searched this site and 8bc to have no luck in directions for it's build.
If anyone is willing to help others (including me) on what to solder with the LSDJMC2 kit.

I probably should have spent the extra money for the "already built" kit but I wanted to choose my
own housing and add some more LEDs to it for kicks. But I don't have my soldering kit yet. I'd just
like to have a tutorial to print or refer to later when I need to build this thing!

Thank you for your time!

If you make or have a tutorial, please make a new thread and I'll have this one deleted.


celsius wrote:
Grayboy wrote:

These old systems gotta be updated more often! yikes

Old systems? It's a product released in the last year on a modern OS. WTF are you on about?
Also, in the interest of not having someone else struggle through this perhaps you could post the PDF you mentioned so people can see the solution next time.

I posted the link to the pdf the same time you posted this.
and I meant that the OS should have come out earlier,
sorry if there was a bit of seeming "stupidity" in my words.

I found the actual instructions for the win 7 thing.
in pdf.
and I looked at some of the posts.
and I think I fixed the problem.

I had to open device page, fix the "unknown device" and install the drivers from there.
Wtf? That wasn't mentioned for win 7 users anywhere else. This was so damn complicated.
I didn't think this was going to be this hard. I used the 32mb SC when I had XP way back when.
These old systems gotta be updated more often! yikes

No yeah, I used the program, added all the files to the system under the "test" version option of win 7.

This is what I did:
-opened the "dseo" exe and set on test settings.
-routed the files in the address bar
-restarted my computer
-opened the GB USB and nothing changed

This restarting thing takes forever and is kind of slowing my night down.
Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it just my laptop, one of the few that probably just
don't work with this system?

Okay for any future users who need these instructions,
here are the official win7 pdf instructions!
Details details details... details. smile