I converted some Metal tracks into VGM, which can be played back on hardware like Mega Everdrives, or just played in your vgm/vgz player. Enjoy!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4l58V … sp=sharing

But yeah I've been looking for vgm/vgz albums and tracks that can be played back on actual megadrive hardware so if you have any you'd like to share I'd be grateful any genre, covers and originals  smile

ah how did i forget groove yeah i didn't use it ill give it a go thanks,

So I tried to cover Korn's  'Good God' with 2 LSDJ's on bGB, ( https://soundcloud.com/the_chaos_engine/good-god ) but it has no 'energy'. I'm not sure if its because of the lack of lyrics or the speed of the song, but it seems energy-less (unless yo play it and half speed with after effects big_smile) what can I do to give it more energy? Also any feed back on mixing and sound design appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for the replies, I'm using bgb's link mode i haven't really tried famitracker before so ill try that too, but i love the sound of lsdj's wave channel and controller interface.

Hey guys, are there any emulators which can make using two lsdj's easier? I know its a pipe dream but having a combined 4 pulse, 2 wave, 2 noise emulator set up without having to switch windows constantly would be awesome! Thanks in advance for your responses

Thanks for all the advice, I got a GBC but I have no experience in soldering or any hardware modding tbh so i cant do the Bass Mod and Noise Filtering Mod mod mentioned, it looks particularly complex. Is there anyone in the preferably in the UK who does these mods? 

I have been using bGB for my drafts but i feel the magic comes from the hardware so id rather stick with an actual gameboy (even if its a gbc) for my proper recordings. all tracks I've tried have had no slowdown even my jungle tracks which have liberal use of sample pitch bending which is cool but there is a noticeable high pitch noise hmm

As subject says i make alot of my tracks on bgb emulator and then copy them to my drag n derp only to find many tracks cause slow down on my DMG, I try and avoid tables and vibrato but i love them both hmm Any advice to reduce this problem, i read that GBC are a little faster would using one prevent slowdown ? Thanks for reading smile

Same guys has a small pack of 32x samples too again link in youtube description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWsbk4WDGcA

This guy on you tube has a huge set of rips of Genesis DAC stuff. Including Sonic 1,2,3 knuckles and also spinball (man i love that kick and snare from spinball) as well as the Streets of rage ones EDIT: actually most of them from that list big_smile
Download links in description! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh_OE67 … PMdn7-bGQQ


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Cool okay I think I did it right thanks!


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Hey is it possible to change my song entry? I think i was aiming too low with Egyptian Lover Freak-a-holic I'd like to do New Order - Blue monday if thats okay?


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Cool thanks guys ill start searching through these


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Man i can't wait for this I've always loved the Megadrive for its music and sound and native tracker would be schweeeet.


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https://datathrash.bandcamp.com/album/l … night-kids (C64) and
https://datathrash.bandcamp.com/album/w … hrash-city (LSDJ)

Are both pretty cool, just for examples for anyone whose interested too


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Thanks guys ill have a dig through datatrash, and thanks Feryl those tracks are cool but not quite what I'm looking for


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Oh i assume this is LSDJ You should put the system and software your using in the title it'll draw more people into reading!