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Well, to be kind with 2016, I've just released my new ep called "Tapete", you can download it in bandcamp!

Just get it now and be a pretty tapete! heart https://busblanchie.bandcamp.com/album/tapete


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bitjacker wrote:

If you think up songs you need to be able to write down (or put them into lsdj) your melodies SO YOU DON'T FORGET THEM. It's not hard to carry a gameboy all the time (just in case something comes to mind). Starting today, carry a voice recorder so you can hum tunes into it that you think of. you can come back to your ideas after you know how to decode them.

Really agreeing with that, even if you can't get yor voice in tune or you don't know how to sing, it is a good idea to carry a keyboard or synthesizer app in your device, if you don't have a gameboy to get the truly chiptune sound (duh)

But to compose chiptune, and music in general, you may also check the major and minor chords in priority, because those are the most used, add pretty cool and beauty ornaments and create your own atmosphere and concept of sounds, if you wanna be a more experimental-ish musician, but still being with the major and minor chords (not using noises and woooooobbbbbbles and ambient sounds) you should learn about the other types of chords: 7, add9, sus4, that create a more developed sound and a more consistent atmosphere.

If you want, check many chiptuners' soundcloud or their tracks in cm.o (my music too, as you wish) and check out melodies, samples, movements and dymamics, is a hard job if you want to get a good and satisfying sound. Thanks heart

Brother Android wrote:

The composition on this album is pretty strong - there's a good sense of melody ("Interlude" and the last couple tracks in particular are just lovely) and the rhythms have a good feeling to them & are pretty diverse. I think the big weakness is the production and some of the sounds used - the drum samples can be pretty sterile, or else kind of weak-sounding (e.g. snare on the last song), and the melodic instruments are not very subtle or expressive. You might explore the use of vibrato and changes in dynamics to make your melodic leads more emotional.

Also, a more specific criticism - when you use bass lines, e.g. on the last song, you should try to accentuate the rhythms being played and the chords being played, rather than just treating it like another instrument. In general, I agree with Sudstep's suggestion that many of these tracks would be improved by a steady bass line - it would really fill out the sonic spectrum.

I think you are talented and should keep making songs. I enjoyed these ones quite a bit even with their flaws.

Good points, my friend! I'm learning how to produce better tracks yet, this was the first idea I had, would you recommend me some samples and more advices?

As I said, thanks for the critcics! cool heart

Sudstep wrote:

Everything changed when Vesuvius attacked.
lol nice concept album, seriously solid for a first album. Most of the things I'd change are just personal choices, like I'd make the triangle in "Waking Up, Like Every Single Day" a heavier bass sound. Actually, I think a lot of tracks on this album would be cooler with a steady bass underneath to match those drums. Plus it'd make the really airy melody parts even better when the bass cuts out. Just my 2 cents.

hahaha thanks dude! Well, it is my first try, I'm learning and taking notes about all that good advices, I'm getting new samples too, so in two or three months I'll release some stuff, at least I hope so!


Jellica wrote:

there is a lot of reverb on the mix, which i would be careful of, unless it is a deliberate aesthetic choice

hahaha I thought that at the beggining, but then I liked that timbre haha ^_^

Hello pals! I started this LP like a month ago or so, it's like a... I don't know how to describe it, so I'd be very glad if you check out my music, I'm getting used to FL Studio and that stuff, it's pretty fun haha

Here's my LP, or EP, or whatever is called this shitty bunch of songs: The Fourth Light-year

https://soundcloud.com/busblanchie/sets … light-year


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Esopus-dragon wrote:

Anamanaguchi - Power Supply
Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis
*If I listed anything ultra-rare... *shrugs* I tried to think of releases that may prove simpler to track down.

As he said, Anamanaguchi is one of my faves, and I'd like to suggest Talk to Animals too

Don't hit me so hard, I'm since early 2015 on chiptunes and stuff music, heart


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hmmm, listen to Anamanaguchi, they produce their music with nes sounds but also with guitars and real drums (not always), but their genre is chiptune, so I think you can correctly say chiptune is the genre of your album

hope it can be useful, cool heart