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if u can find anything by 8bit404 thats my first project//stuff, I only have it backed up on a external hard drive deep in my closet.


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donotrunwithpixels wrote:

Love the music on the YouTube Video.

Not so much love for naming a release after an event that invaded the privacy of (mostly) women and perpetuated a situation where many women just don't feel safe online.

Jus' sayin...

oh shit we are SOO sorry we had no idea of this event, we changed the name of the song...sorry everyone!


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SketchMan3 wrote:

But what is the music like

If I was to lump it into a genre I guess Dark Techno, basically a mixture of Barry and my styles.


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'FГΛПK П' BΛГГY' is the birth child of Frank [b4by f4c3// frank angotti is dead] & Barry [Shitbird] using nano 1.x// 2.x & mono synced together n also synced to other various devices. Then they throw it threw a slew of pedals and other various goodies, this is a single from our upcoming album that should be out SOONish..
Go here for updates on the release, also there is a video for the single you can find here!!



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selling my bleep bloop cart


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Caanoo is up for sale


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damn...looks like another cart bites the dust hmm


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also doing b+start+select took me to the updating screen but after that it still has the same issue (pause logo//number two in corners)


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Where do I find the rom to downgrade because I personally like 2.3 and on the other hand don't mind loosing the tracks on it


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I tried different button combos at that screen but nothing will make it boot into the program.


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it "boots" up but says Nano with a pause logo in the top right corner and the number 2 below the update #


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so I updated my nano 2.3 awhile ago and it hasn't worked since, was wondering if anyone had a rom for that version..would like to see if I can make it work that way, if not does anyone have any suggestions?


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hell yea man heart


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looks like I finally have a reason to get one


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Industrial album by DJ BASTERD SHITE


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nah, have you seen the gameboys I've gone threw all the years? lol