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Ah yes. I opened up the power supply to test it and it was full of this solid grey goo that smelled like chemicals and completely denied me access to the circuits inside(I'm not sure if that's normal, but the power supply may have borked the SID. I'll check for continuity). Thanks for the advice. If I don't find a C64 for cheaper, I'll go ahead and grab a SwinSID Ultimate.

UPDATE: *sigh* okay...my power supply is even more messed up than I thought...It only has 4 pins, and they're wired VERY strangely. I'm unable to test the voltage, but it's not looking good. I'll most likely post a video in the future detailing the weirdness, but for now I think I'll just get a new commodore and sell the old one to a friend or something.


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Yeah I opened it up and it looks fine. Geh. SID Chips are so expensive. Buying a new one costs just as much as my commodore. I'll probably just hunt some thrift stores again for a new C64...


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I recently purchased a C64 off of Goodwill. It was cheap, but they were unable to test anything other than to see if it turned on. I made my own AV cable by splicing a MIDI and an RCA cable. Picture works fine, but the sound isn't working properly. When trying some of the sound demos in the manual as well as some simple sound tests I made myself, I can hear the sound of the background noise changing, but there is no obvious sound. I'm not sure if the problem is with the SID, or if it is with something else? Any ideas on what is wrong?


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For those of you looking to sync your DMG with any device from the KORG Volca lineup, here is my most recent video where I sync three Volcas and a DMG:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYDnwK7YVHM : DMG + KORG Volca Keys, Beats, and Bass.

I have also uploaded a couple videos that have the PO-20 Arcade in them, but they are not synced, which is why at least one of them sounds a little off at some points. While the Analog Sync does not have a start pulse(and the majority of them don't anyway), it is excellent for synchronizing devices. I have found that all of the KORG Sequencers are perfect for this because they can be daisy-chained to hold the entire setup. I am free to answer any questions on my setup! Enjoy!


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Casemods with holes through the center that will allow for optimum pleasure will begin to pop up in alley-way Chinese markets and slowly make their way to the mainstream.

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried syncing LSDJ or Nanoloop to any of the PO synths from Teenage Engineering?
Here's the link to the product lineup for those who don't know what the PO synths are:


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I'll try to make things interesting


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Awesome new album! I'm so excited to hear new music from you!

hoffman_iv wrote:
BLEO wrote:

I get it now. Thanks for clarifying. Sorry for the misunderstanding, haha!

BUT SERIOUSLY. What an arrogant, self-entitled prick.

(okay, no more artist bashing, sorry)

I heard MySpace's new album is going to spit hot fire

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Kuesa wrote:

Thanks, however I have already switched the pins based on the DMG-07 layout, no multimeter necessary.

A multimeter would allow you to determine the PS/2 pinout.

You're right; the problem is that my current multimeter is broken sad

catskull wrote:

There's only like 4 wires right? I'd just hook them up random until it works. GND and PWR should be pretty easy to determine because the caps lock lights should turn on, right?

I ended up opening the DMG-04 and PS/2 housing(Holy shit the ps2 is like... cemented in, I had to carve my way into it) and matching the wires to eachother that way.

Maz'Hoot wrote:

On site i saw that it couldn't work with dmg-04 because of the power. Only dmg-07 should work. Does it true? I cuted today also a dmg-04... I must stop it and buy a dmg-07?

The issue with the DMG-04 is that the pins inside the housing are in different locations. If you look at the cable, you'll notice that there are six pin slots, but only four of them are used. On the DMG-04, there is a pin used for Serial/Data Out, which is not used by the keyboard. On the DMG-07, there is no pin located where Serial/Data Out. Both the DMG-04 and the DMG-07 use 4 pins. I simply cut into and disassembled the housing, pulled the pin from Serial/Data out and placed it in the empty slot that is used for power.

I tested it, and it works. This is going to be used for a future project, and there will be a different thread for that. Thanks for your help everyone!

Thanks, however I have already switched the pins based on the DMG-07 layout, no multimeter necessary. I'll probably end up opening the housing of both cables and determine the wire order.

So I recently dug out an old DMG-04 and decided to wire it to a keyboard. Reading a bit online, I realized that you can just swap pin 2 to the pin 1 location and still receive power. Unfortunately, I forgot what each wire leads to, and I also am clueless to what the keyboard ps2 leads are. So far, I know that the orange wire on the DMG-04 is the 5V power. That's about it. The colors of the keyboard wire are Red, brown, gray, and yellow. It's an HP keyboard, no specific model name, and there is no markings on the logic board to indicate the function of each wire. I'd love some help if you can. I currently don't own a working multimeter, so I can't test points, and if possible I don't want to rip open the housing of the link cable. If no one knows the wires on the ps2 keyboard, I can probably just open the plug and look at where the wires are routed. I can also post pictures if needed. Thanks!


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This is super interesting! I always thought that it was impossible to remove the reflective layer due to it being glass, but I guess using a different LCD works too.


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Since eBay auctions give me panic attacks, I have decided to come here to buy off a few DMGs that are broken. Preferably vanilla, but I'm willing to buy one or two that have been modded depending on the price. Both original gray and PiL are fine, and I don't care about color. Intact screen covers and battery lids are a plus, but definitely not required. If you have two or three of them that you're willing to sell as a lot, that would be even better! If you're interested, PM me with a description of the malfunction and if possible, pictures.

UPDATE: I have purchased all the DMGs I have budget for. Thanks!

- C++, HaxeFlixel, Java, HTML4(Not that silly new-age fifth one that I still catch myself calling XHTML, mind you)
- Know how to build, take apart, and diagnose almost any computer, (including silly proprietary apple computer parts)
- Use Linux on my other towers
- Can make VST plugins for FL Studio for my own projects
- Autodesk Maya & a bit of 3ds Max & a teeny bit of Blender
- Cryptocurrencies
- MS DOS(Including the shitty DOS-based trackers that make good, authentic sound, but navigating is like playing the Oboe[Really hard and frustrating])
- FL Studio and LMMS
- FamiTracker
- OpenMPT
- LSDJ on BGB(Still computer related!)

I've always found that composing on LSDJ and FamiTracker were just like programming, which is why they're my sweet spot between plugging notes into FL Studio and writing a game.

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Damn that's pretty rough for a lot of people. Maybe there's not that much you like particularly but do you really think that all attempts to make a fusion genre will fail?

Um... yeah, of course it can be done. But it's rare that I hear an artist actually pull it off.

Take Danimal Cannon--that dude's amazing. But all these other lads who keep posting their fresh new tunes with silly bedroom vocals or mediocre EDM synths are just like... no. tongue

Speaking of Danimal Cannon, he made an excellent point: Chiptune isn't really a genre, it's more of an instrument platform. Obviously one can tire from hearing the same styles of chiptune(EDM is the most popular), but there's always a time to fancy a laugh at Chiptune Reggae or something along those lines.

If you notice nothing wrong with the soldering, make sure that you're using a cable that only has Left, Right and Ground points(2 colored stripes).