Jellica wrote:

rename this thread Chiptune Music Record Labels That Are Still Around


we down here on south america are still going
Chippanze is still releasing stuff.


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I tried it on my Mega Drive. It's a re-release here in Brazil that Tectoy did a few years ago (2017 I guess?) and it has a built in sd card port, so I can load roms on it, while it loads cartridges too, but I don't own a everdrive cart.

I was expecting this to not even boot on it, but it ran and I could move on the first screen.
But the program crashes after i go to the pattern editor.
My guess is that's a console issue with the rom.

Hoping to see further work on this one, I love the idea of a native MD tracker!

Nice! Couldn't watch yet all the episodes, at first I was skeptical but when I saw Naku I was ok with it.
Will check this asap
Thanks for the heads up! Never heard of some of these artists (except Uctumi), gotta check em all.


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Jellica wrote:

i just think that everything sounds like 90s dance these days haha

but yeah, it might not be that audible, but the shoegaze influence is all over it.
also, of course I am influenced by 90s dance music, so good


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Gala wrote:

Sweet and abstract chipmusic. I really like it!

Appreciated, Gala! Glad you think it's sweet!

Jellica wrote:

i really liked this too. totally not getting any shoegaze vibes haha

I am known for mislabeling what kind of music I do, lol.
What was the vibe you got with it, Jellica?
Cause I probably mixed a lot of influences and would be great to hear what people think about, I might learn something new.
Also, really glad to see you liked it. heart


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Hello, chip fellows
This is my latest release at Chippanze

I was listening to a ton of shoegaze while I made this album. Hope you guys enjoy. heart

Teaser video


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Bumping this thread, I was looking for this.


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e.s.c. wrote:

there are a lot in this thread … eo-thread/

dang it, that's why i couldn't find that thread, my searching skills are bad.

awesome stuff, kevin! Really liked the style, specially the mr spastic one, loved those clouds.

also, looking forward to your new stuff!


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e.s.c. wrote:
Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

I am... the problem, but, well...

you heard him, it's Kurt's fault wink



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People not using google and coming to the forums for help is SOOOOO 2009
Brings back memories


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This is more what I am looking for. But keep posting those awesome videos. heart


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OCPDMusic wrote:

Here's a playlist I curated to show a range of chiptune practices. It's not all encompassing by any means, but might have some examples of what you're looking for.

Thanks man! But that wasn't what I was looking for, actually.

Bit Shifter wrote:

Oh yeah and here's one from the JulieHally project, a collaboration between Hally and Julie Watai —

Bit Shifter wrote:

Oh yeah and there's this David Sugar classic —

This is more like it! Thanks Josh! The David Sugar one is pretty cool!

Bit Shifter wrote:

YMCK has definitely done several. Worth perusing their YouTube channel.

godinpants wrote:

Both of those are cool too! But it's not what I was looking, too. Still awesome!


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I was looking for some videoclips from chip artists for reference on a project for my music.
I've watched anamanaguchi meow a few time already and those awesome goto80 ones.
Do you people know more videoclips from other artists? Not looking for raw live recordings or stuff like that, but proper audiovisual pieces.

Also, this could be a repository of videoclips from the community.

I tried searching for it on the forums, but I could't find much.



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I am biased to comment on this, i just love it.


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Duck wrote:

CHIPTUNE in "NOT DEAD, JUST LATIN AMERICAN" shocker … une-guide/

Oh man... They showcased a dude from Brazil which we never HEARD of before. I mean, we at chippanze don't publicize that often what we do, but man, I was kinda pissed by the fact that, by my egoistic standards, we are the brazilian chip dudes... Im happy to see other fellows from here doing it, but c'mon, we are doing this for ten years. But i will stop derailing the thread with my ramblings.

My view on it is that it is evolved a bit. People just kept experimenting and doing weird stuff with the chips. It was never mainstream for starters, so I dunno. But I do miss those days of active community. I am part of the problem, but, well...
The best stuff I heard from the community was from these past few years where people got more influenced by those artists that brought other elements into their music besides the vgm aesthetic. Since it got so wider in scope than it was before, it's hard to put everything into the same umbrella. i.e. what zanzan does is at the same time the same and different for what bit shifter does, ya know? And you can put them into the same basket while at the same time they are different categories. I dunno if I made myself clear.

But, to wrap it up, what I think it's lacking is that community vibe we had, specially when this forum started. But that doesn't mean the networking isn't alive and well.


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Just LOOOOOOOOVED this album