This is coming up SO SOON. I can't wait!

I like the modarchive staff pick system, i think that'd be more of a badge of accomplishment and true quality than the likes system was on a certain site.  I do think capping uploads is a positive thing, but I wonder whether 1 per month is enough. I agree with DaPantz, once a week should be a good cap.
If the cap is in place, though, I also would like to see some sort of method to make sure that the song has uploaded correctly before it's posted, that way you wouldn't have to delete and reupload and waste one of your uploads because of some glitch in the system.(Or leave up a track for a week that might have the end cut off, etc) Maybe a setup where it asks you to preview the track before publishing it for everyone to hear,and then gives you the option to reupload if something has gone awry. I'm not sure how technically difficult this is to acheive, but if it's not too tough I think people would appreciate it.

YESSSSSSS. Grabbing the ROM and mp3s now.