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https://kriskeyser.bandcamp.com/ stream whatever you like smile


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I finally put this on Bandcamp:   https://kriskeyser.bandcamp.com/album/reviver
Thanks for being patient.


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Thanks for the kind words everyone smile I'm really excited about the response to the album so far.

Most of my sets are just two DMGs but I've played with a Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano for the past few shows so I can improvise some keyboard lines.
I know Monodeer uses an arduinoboy to sequence a Volca Beats, though I think it's mainly for the crazy huge kick on that thing.

Here's a trick I've found useful- listen to songs you like and write down their structures, then try and recreate those structures in songs you write. You may find that there's certain structures that are particularly appealing to you that you can use going forward.


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yeah this is a stellar release, especially for a first-time LSDJ user. Well done Carl!

definitely enjoyed that. nicely done!

Glorious. I'd been waiting for several of these tracks to be recorded after hearing them live smile Thanks for sharing!!

Awesome! I'll take a quick look today!


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It'll make a difference but in many ways it's good to start out my limiting yourself and learning how to do channel economy tricks. In no way is it necessary- many of the greats have made do with 3 channels and made incredible music within that limitation. I'd say start with 3, master it, and move on to 6 once you've mastered 3.

2nded re: Greenleaf. Super underrated group.

This is awesome. It would be really cool to see if with some people who make custom game boy case molds could make molds with pre-cut spots for those jacks... might be cool to sell them alongside these boards smile

Super psyched for this, guys! See you there!


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took a listen all the way through last night, i love it! so psyched to hear some of these at Noise Floor next week, dude!!!!


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that sounds like piggy to me! just make sure to leave a blank row between rows that you want to loop


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partlyhuman wrote:

Yeah... the only constant is change. That said the arcade is pretty fun, and they kept the old Alhambra's murals.

Come back out to Portland soon! Maybe this summer? Your show was like, my all time favorite. Ever. heart

Aw thank you! smile heart This summer I don't think I'll be able to make it but maybe next year. I seem to be on a 2-year cycle with visiting Portland since 2012 so I'm bummed this year won't work, but 2017 looks promising!