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This looks great! But oh no, the Alhambra is gone now??


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awwww yeahhhhh

nitro2k01 wrote:

Did you report this when it happened? I'm always looking to improve the program.

i don't believe it did, it was back in 2013. sorry, I should have done so.

is littlefm pretty stable these days? i had it totally mess up one of my saves a while back and i'd rather not go through that again...

I prefer the drag n derp, both from an ease of use perspective and the fact that it doesn't use a battery, meaning the chance of losing your data is far lower.

Vellain wrote:

Damn, am outta town as well. Anything going on in August though? Also, that is a pretty sick lineup, wish I could be there.


wish i could go but i wont be in town for this- i hope everyone else goes and has a great time!

Hi Dylan,

Hi Dylan,

While I respect your earnestness in spreading your music, I think this forum may not be the right place for it. This forum is for music made using old video game hardware. Yours seems to be more of an acoustic singer songwriter style. There are likely to be far better locations online to share your music and get a fair critique- why not search out other forums that would cater to your specific style? I get the feeling that the honest feedback you're looking for is unlikely to be found here.

Good luck on your musical journey.


herr_prof wrote:

So there IS a way to do it! The wave channel positions can be recorded with automation! And you can edit the value of each 32 partial in realtime

ok wellllll then im thinking i'll probably grab this smile Thanks man!

BLEO wrote:

Word is you can't change em on the fly, though (like, automate jumping and stuff). This true?

haven't bought it yet but that might be a significant limitation.

Just saw this video of the new Kamata addition to Korg Gadget and the wavetable synthesis interface looks... idk... kinda familiar.

It also sounds pretty solid, and that demo song is nuts. But yeah, the hand-drawn waveform looks super similar to the LSDJ wave drawing screen.

Corset Lore

Viz by Enerjawn

21+ Only

July 8th 2016 – 9:00 Doors
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
(Right off the Morgan L Stop)

Hey we’re back! We had a lot of fun with the Chill.Snare event but it’s time to kick things back up a notch and bring the heat (and right on time for the summer!) This time around we have local hero VOIA making his kick.snare debut right on the heels of his recent release Hyperloop! Following VOIA will be Corset Lore with some high-quality cerebral LSDJ jams! Closing out the night is the one and only, the legendary, the incomparable gwEm all the way from the UK! Visuals all night will be done by lo-fi vizmaster Enerjawn. We can’t wait to party with all of you, so mark down the date on your calendar RIGHT NOW and GET HYPE!

gwEm – Astralwerks, Shitkatapult, 8bitpeoples, Cheapbeats

With a career in 8bit music lasting more than 15 years and over two
hundred gigs in at least twenty countries, few musicians in the 8bit scene
can claim to be more seasoned than gwEm. His travels have taken him as far
east as Japan, as far north as Norway, as far south as India, as far west
as the United States and he has no plans of hanging up his trademark
Flying V guitar anytime soon.

Corset Lore –
Corset Lore’s fantastical song constructions lie at the intersection of baroque style, asian folklore, science fiction, avant-pop and underground music of the late 20th century. She writes 8 bit compositions on a Game Boy DMG-01 and has a release on Philly chip music imprint, 8static, while also appearing on compilations from 8bitpeoples and Pxl-Win. Among others, she has performed at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference, MAGfest, I/O chip music, Kick.Snare, Vector Festival, Pulsewave NYC, 8static Festival and at PAX East.


Hailing from the New York City area, VOIA is a 23 year old electronic musician with roots spanning from heavy classical and jazz to alternative rock and various flavors of EDM. VOIA takes these genres and creates musical alchemy, mixing together his signature symphonic style with the color and texture of influences like BT, deadmau5, Pendulum, Madeon, and Mord Fustang. Getting his start in electronic music in early 2012, VOIA has been producing non-stop. Fueled by a desire to inspire and make you dance.


Producing visuals with forgotten relics of the past.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1801625923389250

Poster by Kris Keyser & Note!


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so good, bumping this because it deserves lots of attention!

man now i miss rochester a lot. this was awesome, thanks for putting it together!!!

Here's a potentially better idea- use tables with two separate commands for different notes in each column. That way you can actually write polyphonically in one single LSDJ channel AND send it all to the Volca on that one single channel.

will this be midi enabled? the idea of using this as a sound module for external midi control is VERY appealing to me.