Also to clarify what J3wel said- yes you can use as many instruments as you like in a channel, but only one note will play at once. For instance you can put your kicks on the downbeats and bass on the upbeats but you cannot play both the kick and the bass at the exact same time. Just want to make sure that's clear. You can do chords within one channel, but again they'd have to be arpeggiated so the notes in the chord technically dont play at the same time,

Hope that helps.

This is the best thing and deserves your money.

herr_prof wrote:

Check out the free music archive.


particularly smile

You can count this post as consent to use my tracks.

this is fantastic, dude. i'm intrigued about your setup - can you tell us more?

this is sad sad I'm so glad I got to see him at lwlvl then.

havocCc wrote:
herr_prof wrote:


yeah it's sad hmm
i knew it before that he quits, because shirobon told me, but when his set ended and he said "thank you so much, there will be no more covox" it was a heartbreak sad

he will continue making music though, but under another name and other styles (as far as i know)

actual game boy but mainly because my muscle memory is trained to work with the LSDJ keypresses - this means i can track a lot more quickly and intuitively on a real game boy vs learning emulator keypresses.

Nitro, on other carts might this be possible? I.E. Drag N Derp, Bleepbloop carts, etc.? Does the issue lie solely with the architecture of the EMS carts?

see you all in 3 hours

cheapshot wrote:

Wow! That's a hell of a line up (as always!)

I talked about the event a bit on the latest Gamewave Podcast (Should be out in a few days). Don't worry guys, I invited the whole of the USA to attend this one. I think it's gonna sell out.... (yes, I was stupid enough to pitch the event to the whole of the country: "If you live in the states, you'll wanna get to this event!).

Still, wish I could be there.

Dude thank you:) That's way too kind! Hope to see you around again in the near future smile

Bumping this thread because the event is in just about a week!

WAIT - Doss is Talktoanimals? holy shit! i had no idea. I've seen the name everywhere but never really gave it a second thought. Time to take a listen!

egr wrote:

Facundo returndo! Or has he already been backo and I'm just out of the loopo?

nah this is definitely his first show in YEARS.


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Basically anything by Malmen will be joyful stuff, and incredibly well tracked as well.

havocCc wrote:

Artists from Asia I know are:

Sorry to be that guy but Doomcloud is actually from Connecticut - same guy as Radlib/Oxygenstar/Steady C/SadNES/Warez Waldo.


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DIY_Destruction uses a raspberry pi running pd with video out for viz and wirelessly controls his pi using touchOSC on a tablet.

It's... it's so cool, you guys. it's amazing.


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this is raw as hell