Square Sounds 2017 line up finds us making up for lost time with our first US based musical guests since our first show, a cracker of a Japanese artist and a plethora of amazing locals!

Danimal Cannon (US)
Space Town (US)
2mg (JP)
Jamatar (MEL) 
Heavy Viper (PER)
Ray Manta (ADE) (AKA Tim Koch)
0f.digital (MEL)
and visuals from Busty Coastline and Cat Full of Ghosts!

Hope you are as excited as we are by this amazing, eclectic line up that we have for you this year - and it's only the beginning!
website http://melbourne.squaresoundsfestival.com
fb event https://www.facebook.com/events/677808269043557/

Yeah can you tell I haven't been in here to update even the lineup is only half here. Where have all you Aussie people come from!
There will be an audio stream, but no guarantees about the quality, we'll do our best!

Square Sounds Festival is back in Melbourne in 2016 with another hard hitting line up of chip greats, as well as some of our favourite retro-themed guests including;

Robert Parker
Los Pat Moritas
Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families (with full band!)
Tuberz McGee

VJ sets from
Cyberpunk Ibis

Comprising two main days at the Evelyn hotel, as well as pre and post parties on the Thursday and Sunday respectively, tickets will be on sale early in 2016 along with the announcements of the other half of a stellar lineup of 8bit inspired talent.


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Just in case anyone here is interested in adding to their chip-tee collection Square Sounds Festival shirts for this years fest are available by pre order, but you only have another 48 hours to place your order as the fest is fast approaching. We think they are pretty rad, and mostly, unless you're an artist, we suspect not many will leave Australia.

This means you'll probably be the only person wearing one at the next chip show you go to wink


Thanks! smile both used to work, but we cut back to just the one (which is why no one else spotted it til now!) Nice pick up!

A bump thats a little ranty -

Every year, people get to this time (the time where I make the full lineup available) and say 'aw man, I should have booked, I would love to go to this' and most people don't because Australia is a very long way away.

Those people who do come from overseas, (mostly because they come to play report) that it's one of the best crowds they have played to, even if it's a smaller than some of the ones around the world (our population is tiny compared to a lot of the big chip cities).

So you get a much more intimate show, with some of the best folks around, artists and otherwise. If you continue to miss out, to you I say, in my most Australian way - Sucked in, this show is going to ROCK. tongue

welcome to the future


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The stream has begun! - check it out at http://bit.ly/SSTokyo14

The artwork is amazing - I cant wait to see shirts this year

So excited to have him back after... 5 years or so! Rest of the line up is looking really solid too, can't wait to let people know!

Square Sounds is BACK in Melbourne for 2015!

Henry Homesweet(UK)
Galaxy Wolf (UK)
xyce (NL)
Eyeliner (NZ)
Goto80 (SE)
Toriena (JP)
chipzel (UK)
Chip Tanaka (JP)

Alex Lane (NSW)
ätomsmasha (WA)
Bubbletown Babe Crew (MEL)
Chr15m & Fenris (VIC/WA)

iLKke (NSW) little-scale (SA), Slippery Jim (VIC) and lazerbeat (JP) on visuals

Defined by its focus on the underground chipmusic scene and coloured by the vibrant sights and sounds of an 8-bit palette mixed with cutting edge bass music; Square Sounds brings some of the best known and loved chiptune artists from all over the world to Melbourne. Many acts play their first and only Australian shows on the Square Sounds stage for the benefit of an ecstatic crowd.

This is going to be an awesome weekend that any electronic music fan should not miss.


pieces of 8-bit
pir8-bit radio
sand boats

All these puns and more could be yours, at a very special SoundBytes16:Shiptunes event for "International Talk Like a Pirate Day".

The team behind Australia's longest running chipmusic event, SoundBytes like any excuse for an off-beat kind of party, and the fact that International Talk Like a Pirate day is falling on a Friday, is an awesome excuse in our book.
Add to the fact that a bunch of our favourite chip tune artists have 'chipped' in to create pirate themed songs and visuals specially for the event and we'll be announcing the first half of the line up for Square Sounds Melbourne 2015 (with some of them making special long distance appearances at the show!), and you've got an extra fun "booty"- shaking good time.

With sets from
Peaches the Wale
10K vs godinpants
Alligator Williams
Square Tony and the Arps
(The all-star band formed for Square Sounds Melbourne 2014, featuring cTrix, Pselodux, Derris-Kharlan, Tiasu and Aday)

Combining the bleeps, bloops and bass and 8-bit audio visual awesomeness that SoundBytes is famous for with some seafaring fun, this will be a night that you won't want to miss.

As far as a Melbourne show goes, ordinarily we would try to offer an artist that was coming through town an opportunity to play at a SoundBytes, but it's two weeks before Square Sounds 2015, it's just too close together for us to try and do both. If you find yourself in Melbourne again during your Perth stay let us know and we'll see can work something out.

(That said if you're a chip fan, you might want to organise your trip in such a way you can be in Melbourne for SSM15 anyway, you probably won't get a whole lot of other opportunities to see chip and the preparty might be an option for you to play as well. There's potentially for us to work with a Perth promoter on a show around that time too, so we'll keep your availability in mind)


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Australia's longest running chiptune event series finally (!) returns for 2014 with it's first standalone show of 2014, with a new day (Saturday!) and a new venue. Soundbytes, the sister event to the annual Square Sounds Festival is taking over the Grace Darling Hotel bandroom with some familiar faces, and some that we know will become new favourites.

For the first of a planned three shows before the end of the year, we are excited to be introducing some new, amazing artists who have popped up online, at Square Sounds related events like the open mics, and through word of mouth, while still ensuring you get to see your favourite artists from our past events. This show will feature some of the best, most original and most danceable indie electronic music in Australia, while incorporating more 8-bit bleeps and bloops than you can shake a game boy at.

SoundBytes 15 will rock your socks off and features -
Derris-Kharlan (featuring Tiasu)
Xandox (ADE)
Slato (BNE)
Alex Lane (NSW)

Tickets $15 on the door

(Note: no presales for this event, door sales only. Due to licensing of this particular venue, under 18s are allowed to attend but only in the company of a parent or guardian. )


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Lazerbeat wrote:

So the want!!!!

Bit Shifter wrote:


I want to go to there

Man, it'd be great to have you guys out for a visit. Be tempted. Think of the lovely sunshine! smile