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And hell, when you're talking about a band that had Omodaka grooving in the crowd - how can you go wrong?


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7bit hero played Blip Oz last year, a year before the launch of their EP (tomorrow night), and then played Square Sounds a couple weeks ago as Hunz. They're awesome and I for one am hoping that they're going to breakthrough to that higher level of indie artists where they get some mainstream exposure. They're also the guys with the interactive AV game as part of their set. Super fun

The Australian crew are pretty much all massive fans on Hunz and 7bit hero, not only because hes one of the nicest guys in chip, but his music is awesome.The EP has been posted on here previously, this video has not.  It's pretty much impossible to listen to this song and NOT feel happy and the clip is super cute.  Enjoy the bees

Calavera wrote:

I had the privilege of playing open mic at the pre-party for Square Sounds a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty nervous and made a few mistakes, but I had so much fun. Crowd of maybe around 30 or so people. I should have split the video into two chunks though, 7 min is a bit long!

It was a small show, but we got about 60 people in there (that said there were a lot of smokers outside!) so you probably played to more than you think! smile You should feel good about your set. The quality at this open mic was - I think - the best of the three we've done. Looking forward to future releases from everyone who played

It's all well and good to say get the money coming in elsewhere, but someone has to manage that too. I'm not a musician, I dont have tracks up on the site, but seriously, how many people go back and listen to tracks that are on here repeatedly? I don't know if it's possible to get an average number of plays a track gets but I'm going to get most of them are fairly minimal.

Maybe when people are making vetting their own tracks (and put up their newest, best tracks instead of the My first LSDJ that they now are embarrassed by) the quality of the music on the site will go up and more people will listen to it?

Upload it elsewhere and put links to it in your profile, theres plenty of sites around the internet that allow you to store files for free.

Hey all, this is in Newcastle in Oz, but they'll take submissions from around the world.
I'm not actually involved, but I know some people who are so if you have questions, maybe take them to the facebook page or email address provided

Hold onto your Tamagotchis, Newcastle, because The Roost Creative are tossing the vectors to the side to celebrate the art of designing visuals with meticulous little squares. That’s right – Pixel-8 is here, and The Roost Bros are assembling the world’s finest pixel-pushers for an eye-popping collaboration like you’ve never seen before!

Even if the term ‘pixel-art’ isn’t immediately familiar to you, you have almost certainly come into contact with it once or twice. Used traditionally in retro video games and computer graphics, pixel art is a term for raster graphics and illustrations that have been painstakingly constructed with tiny square units of colour, one at a time. Using a limited colour palette and some very clever shading methods known as ‘dithering’, what began as an art style born from necessity soon became a nostalgic stylisation with a cult following.

Though with advancing technology leading to traditional pixel art becoming a dying art, much like polaroid photos, adorable mixtapes and traditionally-printed comic books, it still holds a place in the heart of many artists – especially us at The Roost. Pixel-8 is a night dedicated to celebrating the life of the pixel, and everything that goes with it – incredible art, charming animation, live ‘chiptune’ music, retro video games – the whole pixelated package!

Pixel-8 is, first and foremost, a pixel art show – but even the most amateur pixel-artist will agree, creating pixel art is less about presentation and more about the meticulous design process. You will be working with a partitioned grid of any size you like, and anything goes – as long as you make every pixel count, crafting your piece one coloured block at a time!

Though we are expecting the show to be comprised mostly of digital prints, if you’re interested in submitting an animation, installation or otherwise unorthodox method of displaying your pixels, we’d love to hear all about it! Any enquiries regarding your submission can be addressed to [email protected]

Submissions are open to anyone with a love for pixels, who wants to get involved the local design/art community – Roost show veterans and newcomers alike. This could be a perfect networking opportunity, a chance to push yourself as a designer by working with new methods, or just a great way to have some fun with pixels and have a heck of a night!

Submissions CLOSE 13/3/13. All submissions require a gallery fee of $10, and collection discounts can be negotiated for collections of five or more pieces. Under certain circumstances, late submissions can be accepted with an additional fee. Digital printing is available upon request for a deal-breaking price – send us your print-ready 300DPI PDF today to discuss a quote.


I should put it out there that putting forward your interest in playing is a thing too

bryface wrote:

unfortunately i missed out on a good chunk of the live stream because of some other events i was attending, but the parts that i did catch were positively banging!   as always you aussies know how to party.

was anybody genius enough to record the live stream locally?  to get a hold of it would be aces.

Bry, I thought about you during Hunz. That set totally put me in an awesome mood for the remainder of the second day (actually even the soundcheck did that for me)

Calavera wrote:

I hope you guys made a bit of profit to go treat yourselves with!!

lol.... maybe next year smile

I sound like Demi Moore from shouting to have conversations for four days in a row.
Couple of reported cases of Square Sickness, but still trying to pin down patient alpha.

Thanks everyone that came and/or performed, whether on the open mic, after party or the main event.
Not even kidding, already working on next year.

If it makes you feel better, Tim got left in my house working on hi set while we went and patted a echidnas

I dont know whether to be cut or flattered that none of you think it could be me

Bumping this because its this week.
Melbourne's doing us proud with a week of perfect 30C/90F weather planned. About to pick up Trash80 at the airport and finally starting to feel like its really happening! Bring the noise!

I dunno, Alligator William? What kind of a name is that? What a weirdo

Unfortunately the planned for Visualist workshop fell through which would have completed the set nicely!

We might have filled all our open mic places but there are a bunch of additional side events for Square Sounds Melbourne.

More information is at http://melbourne.squaresoundsfestival.com under 'more events' and spots for workshops can be booked at http://brk.to/sbtix


little-scale presents SSM DIY Sound Chip MIDI Module (AY38910)

Get ready for funtimes! Join Dr. little-scale as he presents a hands-on workshop - on how to build and use your very own USB MIDI sound chip module! This session will be based around the (in)famous AY38910 sound chip, as heard on countless chiptune tracks, arcade machines and obsolete video game consoles. The sound module itself is USB powered and is recognised as a MIDI device, so participants can use the module straight away. All parts are included, and although soldering is required, there's no need to stress because it's all very easy. The workshop will feature both constructing the sound module and a basic demo covering how to use the sound module.

starPause presents Little Piggy Tracker for Beginners

LGPT aka Piggy Tracker is music editing software that enables quick music editing with a game pad. It runs nearly everywhere: osx/win/gp2x/psp/dingoo/linux & the interface follows the convention of LSDj in most cases, making piggy 2nd nature for composers looking to upgrade from 4bit to 16bit sound. Depending on class needs this workshop will cover everything from piggy configuration 2 tracking tips 2 repository access if you're interested in patching the code. If everyone is good and does their homework we can have a quick compo!

Abortifacient and Hedonist Present - Beginners and Intermediate Renoise

Renoise is a sample tracker, with all the mod cons. The workshop will show you the basics of tracking and workflow in Renoise, demonstrate native effects, DSP routing, and automating VST plugins for maximum control. All with a focus on pushing your creativity and opening your mind hymens to sampling for lols.

Run by Hedonist, member of the seminal Australian Hardcore label Bloody Fist and tracking veteran, and Abortifacient, cross platform larrikin specialising in hard breaks and chipcores. Both bros swap project files and tricks. Every so often, with a shared samplepack, they race against the clock to make a track from scratch in 30mins. Called Speedcomp, and aired on 2RRR radio in Sydney, its open to all, and we challenge all workshoppers to participate.

Not Even An After Party

On Not Even, Celsius and Dot.AY explore electronic sub genres and ask whether they are even a thing every Tuesday night with their Budgie Collective Radio show.

They're taking that philosophy out into the real world, and are bringing along some help.

Expect some great DJ sets from some of your favourite chipmusic artists (and their friends) in a variety of genres that may or may not even be a thing... without all that annoying chatter that you have to put up with on the radio.

On the decks will be

starPause, B.O.O.M.A (dot.AY & 10K), Celsius, Rachel Haircut and Minikomi

Hey stranger!
I don't know of any Tassie chip, but I've been surprised before.
You making it up here for Square Sounds?