They do them semi-regularly. They usually advertise on the website. Defo recommend em.

Oh, and 10k is alright! In all seriousness, I'll be at most of these shows.

Toydeath kick total arse. I went to their circuit bending workshop about two years ago and they changed my world.


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I always encourage heckling at my shows. Responding well to heckling can win fans, provided it's quick-witted and reasonably charismatic. However, to IAYD's credit, you can't bounce back from a disgruntled sound guy at the reigns.... Megan Washington is hot.


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Zen Albatross wrote:

Alex, you should never EVER feel you have to justify yourself to anyone who thinks that heckling a performer is an okay thing to do.

10k heckles me. I don't have to take this anymore.


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They have the power of final edit, so they'll make you look like an idiot. Or worse, they like you and your pisstake, which affirms that you are a gimmick that can be commercially exploited. The kid in the country wants to think he's special, because he feels he's the only one who knows about 10k. The whole exercise will just cheapen you. And by paying AGT out, you acknowledge they are a threat or a force to be reckoned with.


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If you did it Dot.AY, you could take inspiration from this:
Watch til the end for the constructive criticism.


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I am so doing it. If Singing Sadie can go on Hey Hey It's Saturday, why not? LOL.

To be perfectly honest, I once fantasised about taking my lame teenage industrial band onto 'Popstars' and launching into some well constructed tirade expose how exploitative they are of child talent etc.

Thank god I've grown up. Still, I would start a band with celcius called DJ Malcolm Mclarens.


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In late 2005, at age 61, KODEK was arrested by Vietnamese authorities and charged with molesting two under-aged PIKACHUs, aged 10 and 11, at his home in Vũng Tàu.[22] He initially faced possible child rape charges carrying the death penalty, but prosecutors did not find enough evidence for those charges, so Glitter was instead tried for lesser child sexual abuse charges. Early in 2006, he was convicted of committing obscene acts with minors and sentenced to three years imprisonment.[22]


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And my ISP blocked it because of the blatant and gratuitious bestiality and child porn. I couldn't access the site for months!


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How good is PHATTY GRANDMA? I've always loved Kodek's aesthetic and his razorsharp ability to take the piss. With so many artists taking themselves soooooo seriously, it's great to see someone actually having fun.

I would kill to see this. I can imagine this being really intimate.


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Video please. Please Video.