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If you're in Sydney this weekend, we'll be spinning some chipchoons down in Darlinghurst. Starts at 6pm and finishes at 8pm. Hopefully, with some attendance, this can become a semi-regular thing, so bring your friends for one.

"Neu Underground presents Inner West Chipmusic Academy. Dissolve into Nintendo Gameboy music! Inner West Chipmusic Academy melts and melds funk breaks, all synthesised with two back to back Gameboys. You'll never see breakbeats the same way again.

"Neu Underground is joint venture between Sydney NOW, Hub Artist Services and The Commons Local Eating House. We are striving to create a home for weird and groovy electronic music in Syndey so come be part of making it happen!"

More details at:


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10/10 did buy


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stoked, me and acid andy have got the circuit bent volca bass, circuit bent tr505 with 808 samples, and tt303 through a rat tubesaturation pedal. hectiiiiiiiic

These get better every second I use them.


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wikked choon m8


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bow to piggy master


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I know... that drop


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Gets better with every listen


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abortifacient wrote:

Cheapbeats 4evs ok?

And by that I mean cheap beats


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Cheapbeats 4evs ok?

ilkae wrote:

probably the biggest single cache of high quality sampletracker music:

Woah... yikes Thanks for sharing this ilkae big_smile


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Oh dammmnnn... love this release. Mosquite god groove, zombie slaughter, orgypsy dubstep, so many hard tracks. I can't wait to hear these live!!

DKSTR wrote:

Not really related but

Still brought my attention to the Dry Ice EP. Love it, thanks big_smile


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I would pay real dollars to see that