Thanks, radian.

The download link is dead. Does anyone know where I can get the files?

I was watching this video and I was just wondering what the tune is that's played over it. I like it and I feel like I've heard it before, but I'm not sure what it is.


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I just created a Bandcamp, and uploaded these fun, spooky tracks I made in Famitracker and Deflemask. These are hella spooky imo. Merry Ghostmas. … rious-ness

The track "Scareepy-eerious-ness" is stereo-mixed, and mastered with multiband compression to have a little more edge. I don't normally do that with NES music, but it sounds awesome.

Slime Girls, especially the Vacation Wasteland album


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I got a thinkpad l430 a few years ago used on Amazon for $200. I used linux for a year or two until I could get a windows license, and it works fine for all the things you listed, if you baby it. You can even record games if you turn the settings down low (most Source engine games, minecraft with optifine, some RPGs, etc.) FL Studio works fine, but you'll need a wide buffer, and you'll have to prerender any cpu intensive sounds with the recording and rendering features.

   If you get a thinkpad and install windows, then make sure to install all the drivers and to configure your system to use all the cores. You can have a lot of things open, but if the system gets slow, use task manager to shut down processes. I recommend Firefox, because it doesn't run in the background like chrome or chromium, and it can preload entire videos into memory using the html5 player. For Linux, you can download a desktop environment that isn't resource intensive, or for full performance on windows, go to control panel, system, advanced system settings, performance, and optimize for best performance.

   OBS is really good for recording, and I've never had a problem with it.
I use Shotcut, and Openshot for video editing, and they are both pretty easy to edit with as long as you wait for the programs to catch up with you, and rendering doesn't take too long at all, though I wouldn't recommend doing anything while it works.

   On Thinkpads, and laptops in general, you can usually install an extra sodimm. I upgraded to 4 GB.
The L430 has 3 USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port.
You can definately buy one of these and run with it, but you should get a newer model.


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Sidwiz won't make the mkv file. It  says "attempted to divide by zero". Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

I'm definately trying this.


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I went down the list and followed everyone I could. If you weren't followed, you did something wrong. Hope you guys appreciate. smile

Nothing in Elk City, Oklahoma. Someone has literally told me "turn those pokemon sounds down"... You knocked the nail on the head there.


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I tested the power supply. The 12 volt pin is outputting about 5 volts and the rest nearly 0. That's a problem right off the bat.


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A few years ago, I bought a Commodore 64, for the heck of it, because I saw it at the local flee market. It's fine to look at. But now I make chiptune, and really want to actually do something with it. The power light comes up. When I plug it into television screens, I see more than tv static, but I don't see the C64 console. It's just black ,with static in the corners, and some random colors.

I'm willing to bet that it was sold to me not properly working (at least I've got some use from the joysticks). I wonder if there is anything I can do to repair it?

I'm also wondering how I can go about playing the rom files from my laptop back to the Commodore, to load programs.

Any suggestions?

I had a pair of Shure headphones, before some buttface stole them. They were really nice, and if you can find a good deal, I'd recommend those. However, if you mainly do Chiptunes, and not much normie music, you might not need studio headphones. Keep in mind that early Chiptunes were listened to on televisions and beeper speakers. Unless I want to do stereo, or write some other electronic music, I just use a mono desktop speaker. A normal pair of mid-range headphones will get you the best of both worlds.

I've never had monitors, but I'd recommend, from what I've heard from others. Just make sure that your room has enough crap in it, that the sound doesn't bounce off the walls and make you think falsely about any delays or reverbs in your tracks.


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Must have albums:
Disasterpeace - The Chronicles of Jammage the Jam Mage
Virt- Fx 1
Slime Girls - Vacation Wasteland
Various Artists - I Miss You

Must have tracks:
Coda- Dorito Dust
Fearofdark- Surfing on a Sine Wave
Fearofdark- Dancing 0n the m%n

Really good covers: