I love what everyone posts here, and I think it'd be really neat to see some collaborations from members here. I want to open this thread to see if either I or anyone else from this thread can find a partner to make a fire chiptune with!

I'm up for a collab as well; I use LSDJ, but I'm willing to spend some time learning a different DAW if you have something else you fancy. If this thread goes nowhere, no big deal, but I kinda hope this catches on, It'd be awesome to see some people here make something together.

Feryl wrote:

apparently, I *have* heard at least one song of yours before Coco, because I just saw an old comment on mine on your track "And I Saw a Light." smile

I've recognized your comments on quite a few of my tracks, I'm really glad you like them ^-^


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It's been quite a while since this post, and I'm very curious, as some others who also filled out the form must be:

How did it go?

To the great community of Chipmusic,

This probably seems like a lame topic and might get deleted, but I just really wanted to share my deep appreciation to this site and everyone on it. Feel free to comment or add your own personal message here.

First off, I want to thank everyone here for listening and sharing praise, but also to keep me going. I started posting here during a very rough time in my life, and after searching around, I stumbled across this little site for posting chiptunes and such. I listened to several posts, sent a few tracks of my own, and kinda forgot about it. I didn't expect much after that. Later I started getting emails about comments on my tracks and even private messages, all of them very positive and uplifting. Listening to others' tracks and even the constructive criticism I've gotten was super enlightening and I've improved myself in LSDJ far more than I ever would have alone. I don't ever want to stop making chiptunes. Be it talent or nostalgia or genuine desire of a niche connection like this, I want to keep making chiptunes for as long as I live, and a lot of it is thanks to all of you here. So from the deepest of my nerdy gamer girl heart, thank you all so much. I doubt I'd be a well-known composer any time soon, but all that matters to me now is that I have my drive for music, and my supportive group that keeps pushing me to post here. You all are wonderful and have been so kind, and I love to do the same whenever I can.

That's all I really wanted to say. I don't have any bad news to report, or any request of support (I have been unemployed for over a month now, but that'll end on the 22nd!), but I guess, in terms of support, I ask that you keep listening and enjoying all this amazing art everyone has created here with me.

Thank you so much, and I'm excited for what we all come up with next!

~ Coco

Certain parts of it stand out really well, and I can tell there's definitely a structure here. To be completely honest, however, some of the overlapping tracks didn't clash too well, at least for me. They're all the same tempo, but some of them seem to be on different scales or keys. For instance, the bass track sounds like it's on an A minor scale, but some of the tracks sound a little higher, maybe a C minor or so. Harmonies are tricky. It's hard to get notes to blend well, and it usually either takes a good ear or a good sense of mathematics, and quite a bit of the time, both at once. All I have to suggest is to check your tracks carefully, two at a time, to see if they mix and harmonize together. You'll know when you get it right when you hear some overtones and ringing (but in a good way; it'll be an overtone that matches the harmony as well!). Other than that, I really like it. It's got some parts with really good rhythm, and the bass kiss ass. Keep it up! heart

Goodness, this brings me back to the days of sitting alone in the dark playing Bejeweled 2 with the headphones on at full volume...

Thanks for that little bit of nostalgia, this track is very well done. Great work heart


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Good luck with your project ^-^