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ohhh Europe?! would love to have me there too. Sounds far fetched, but I WOULD do it smile!!!!

Sky's the limit!

Would totally do something in Ireland.
Crash space and breakfast obviously included.
(also weird dogs and squatters, be warned.)

Man, that's a line up.

Hitori Tori is fucking sick.

Why are things so far apart in the world?

Hope it's a great night.

Oh hey that's me.



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Pretty sure I've been pushing 32.7Hz out of a Game Boy for years now...

That is true. My mistake, should have checked it myself instead of relying on some false information.

It's an odd thing, even Johan has the lowest octave on the WAV channel in LSDj set to display as '2', when it's actually 1 but, I suppose the overtones being hella noticable and there not being that much attention paid to the sub range in a hell of a lot of chipmusic means it goes unnoticed often.


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Tomy wrote:

It seems to me that the Game Boy can also do 6.25% squares using the Wave channel but the lowest possible frequency is 64 Hz?
Then SMS / GG outperforms that because it can play as deep as 6.8 Hz.

Pretty sure I've been pushing 32.7Hz out of a Game Boy for years now...


Hey, just noticing the site appears to be gone.
Anybody know what's been happening?

The RE-20 is my main delay and very fun live, quite playable.

However, it's a pretty specific sound, that old school dubby sound, decays and distorts, pretty dirty.
Absolutely love it, but it all depends what you're looking for. And I guess from checking your music here, you'd be into it.
Also the reverb's kinda nice.

The Strymon El Capistan also looks to be a good bet and something I've had my eye on for a while. Somewhat more versatile it seems. Again, if tape echo's what you're after.
Pretty pricy though.

The RE-20 honestly looked to be the best quality/price for that sort of thing I could find and I think you can come across them reduced a bit on eBay.


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Oh man that is so good to hear you're back on it. Best of luck man and I'm super excited.

Pst if you want some gloomy tunes testdriveing at any point *nudge* wink

/me immediately starts trying to figure out how to completely rebuild and rewrite her entire live set for tour this summer.

This looks VERY interesting.

Now why did I just sell my original launchpad!?! [selfish plea for lp mini compatibility]

I'd like to see more of how the loop block and sample stuff works. EXCITED.


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Holy shit, Goth-Trad covers... I was gonna do one of those. Damn.

These are excellent. big_smile


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bitjacker wrote:

do it, man. whats a ghost snare? how is it made? am i gonna have to learn about the ghost channel to do it?

'Ghost notes', on drums they're just super quiet notes, like some snares in funk breaks and such.
In line with standard drum notation it'd be best just to put a bracket around it though. '(s)'


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So, I don't know if you guys have heard, but Patchblocks (from my little home city of Belfast) have gotten through the Kickstarter orders and they've now launched their store, and are available to anyone.

If you don't know what they are, there essentially tiny modules that can be loaded up with programs made with a pd-like graphical programming environment. (There's already quite a community, with plenty of pre-made modules to look through on the site)
And they hook up to themselves and other things via 1 each digital and analogue ins and outs.
So, you can do a whole lot of... basically anything, with them. (cheap custom lo-fi mini-synths, drum machines and effects units essentially)

Haven't heard much talk of them around here besides me and KeFF, But it's definitely something that I think the community would be interested in.

New promo vid:

Oh, and there should be MIDI I/O blocks and a stompbox block coming in the future. (There's a MIDI hack somewhere on their forums for now.)

I've been using one mostly as a dub siren in my live sets for the last while and can't wait to get a few more.

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Iron Curtain wrote:

As for what chiptunes is, I think Danimal Cannon said it best: It's an instrumentation.

I get that this may be an unpopular opinion, but I definitely would call chiptune a genre. I think that the instrumentation itself is a significant piece of what defines a genre. For example, you can't really have "metal" without guitars w/ distortion; you can't really have "rap" without spoken vocals, and so on.
You can mix chiptune with the composition style of pretty much any other genre, but I would still think of that as chiptune.

But those examples don't work in reverse. Even if we accept metal as involving 'guitars w/ distortion' as a defining element, the mere presence of 'guitars w/ distortion' itself, does not inherently produce metal. See: all nearly all rhythm & blues / rock'n'roll descended genres since Rocket 88 in 1951...

An Instrumentation may be a defining element of a genre, but that instrumentation is most certainly not restricted to that genre.

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Chiprock does save a bit of typing. Glad you like it Dboyd.

Chiprock is good. Gravel?

*walks out in shame*

Sounds pretty epic... I'm In.

Sorry to necrobump, but can anyone point me to a copy of the documentation for this? Or upload it somewhere if necessary?

Messing about with it now and have no idea what's going on. sad