Easiest place to get unregulated power is at the connections to the power board.

This requires running wires between the main board and the LCD screen board, please note.

I use an extra power regulator board (5v step up/step down from Pololu)in connection with the unregulated power to keep the voltage to the backlight steady. The rgb screens I've tested use about 200mA when all channels are activated, so a 400mA board should be enough, even if choosing to add button lights and running them through the extra power board.

I'll post a picture of where you can get your unregulated power when I get home this evening.

I will be there again.  ❤

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Anything DMG actually, modding for live performing...link cables,  perhaps?

And I will pay that beer forward.  : )

DMGS and LSDJ?  I'll send PayPal for postage to Copenhagen plus for a beer at the local pub.  : )

Bought one!  Would buy all three but don't want to be greedy - please post when more are available.  smile


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Pm sent.

I never have luck with those boards, have gone to using chips mounted on a generic breakout board and wiring the connections.

Edit - sorry for the double post.

I never have luck with those boards, have gone to using chips mounted on a generic breakout board and wiring the connections.

Working in Nanoloop Mono, v.1.0.2, I discovered something odd with the click channel.

Having made a nice, growly sound on channel C by, among other things, maxing out the FM amount, I find it impossible to silence the channel by selecting either an empty, unused slot or slot 0. Doing so leaves growly  static filling the channel. It is possible to remove the static by selecting a slot containing a sequence (and thereby since the channel by selecting a slot contains a sequence with the volume dialed to minimum).

Reducing the FM amount on the click channel also allows a selected empty slot or slot 0 to silence the channel. Attempts at lowering the FM amount the choosing an empty channel leaves the static at a lower volume, until, at a point with sufficiently low FM amount, it ceases to appear.

Anyone else encounter such a quirk? It can be lived with (and perhaps embraced with time), but if someone was to says that it's a simple matter of dirty contacts, I would be happy. 

Screenshots (and possibly video) available if required to help explain the cryptic text.

Cool. I will try that today.

Same same here - but I will be watching the auction.

Thank you, egr.  Cutting won't be happening.

So all channels are being fed individually to to the gameboy - with possibilty for getting them out in one fashion or another.  smile

Really?! I'll check with Oliver about that.