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Indeed it works now, just been thinking that uploading the code would basically immortalize it and help to spread this lovely theme making app!
Thankfully fellow chipster on page 5 presents some way of using it outside website:

Sup4durt wrote:

01) Copy the source code from http://poyo.co/lgpt/
02) Download colorpicker.zip (89 kb) from http://www.eyecon.ro/colorpicker/
03) Extract the zip
04) Paste the source in the index.html within the Colopicker folder (replace all of the other text)
05) Run the index.html


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mk wrote:

Sometimes I forget to pay for my server .. Sorry guys! I'll get it up on github soon.

How soon? hehe

Nothing like bringing awesome quiet project from the death innit

Here's my complete guide based on newest development version which is packed with tons of features:


Works well regardless of how good you are with trackers!
I put entire half a year into making it as accessible and usable and long lasting as I could!

"Getting started with LSDj with Infu"

Future-proof ultimate guide based on LSDj v9!


-Designed for beginners;
-Functional for advanced users;
-Requires no musical knowledge;
-Enables user to create complete songs;
-Explains abstract LSDj specific concepts;

Here's the Twitter post if you like to share it this way,

Here's direct link to the guide:


Your cart might not be compatible with LSDj saving, thus blocking your way to save projects. Save like this might not be usable.
Mind sharing what cart is this? What SD card you're using with it?

Single slot save will always be single slot save and LSDj won't allow for more, you'd have to export projects into new save file that can be used properly :C

I'm writing an LSDj guide myself (in text form) though my advice recommends the newest development version: if you take a look at the dates, latest stable was done last year in December (8.5.1) and newest one was released yesterday (9.2.F) and amount of fixes, things being reworked to be easier to use and all additional ones is just something you can't pass!

In this case I'll recommend to keep an eye on the Changelog on the download site there - whenever newer version comes out, all changes gonna be documented there, keeping you up to date and aware of new functionality

It's very sweet thinking about making LSDj video - there's not enough, so definitely such idea would be very appreciated!
if u fancy, I'd gladly help out understand LSDj - my guide is not yet out,

LSDj tutorials? Nice, that's always welcome!
Thought I see no videos - I assume you just started working on those?
I also wonder if there's reason for recommending Stable over Development?

Almost a year in hiatus - pleased to announce that original post got major upgrade, including all fresh links all around, audio examples, and all homebrew/audio tools I am aware of to this day!

Like always, if you got something that would feel right on this list, or you noticed dead link or typo,  feel free to post here OR DM me OR find me on Discord/Twitter! (Here's Twitter thread about this post)

Yeah Music 2000 / MTV Music Generator can make really great music, I made couple tracks, not yet published apart from   one little trailer I made on Twitter (Made with it's prequel)

Here's archive link of manual and image backups!
This software is absolutely legendary, though it's riddled with some nasty (though rare) saving bugs, so be sure to save carefully (Retroarch savestates recommended!) That still didn't stop producers around the world to start their music career using it!
Music2k has detailed information what each button does inside software itself, pressing Circle button brings out menu of all possible actions in current menu we are in!

There's also prequel to M2k, simply called "Music", it has bit less features and tooltips are not as descriptive as in the M2k, but it's bug free and perfectly usable so one can safely make music with it!

Sampling works with emulation too (Retroarch + Bettle Core, performing CD swap, has to be audio CD!) but I haven't been playing with it much.

Both apps also have amazing VJ mode, which is absolutely undocumented and in nearby future I want to change it!


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I wanted to say I absolutely love this tracker and I'd be happy to see it grow, and I would be happy to help!

I found couple bugs while using 0.15b on Kega Fusion emulator (dunno if it's the recommended one):
-Sometimes pressing B+UP on Song screen during playback freezes tracker and destroys the save (divide by zero error screen)
-Playing multiple patterns at once slows down playback

This is amazing Cementimental! I will put in into the main post and downloads later this week!
Thank you for sharing that!

djmaximum wrote:

just a heads up the downloads on wetransfer are no longer available. next time use something like google drive or mediafire.

Thanks for the heads up Djmaximum! Just reuploaded it, again on wetransfer, as I'm sorting out my own website to permanently store it, without using my personal google account, or websites full of ads >.<

I was planning to make video introduction to trackers (using LSDJ) for total beginners, and I believe our goals would go well together!

There's a lot of information available online on various platforms and websites, here's quite good twitter thread about it:


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Contact both developer of LSDJ and your fav gameboy emulator, Im sure theres solution for you somewhere out there


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"Nice song fam, did you sequence it or track it?"