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this is really cool...but I wanna know how you get to the floating platforms??
Edit: wait never mind i forgot you can turn off gravity big_smile


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TylerBarnes wrote:

Haha, maybe if there was a cool 3D demo scene for it the visuals might be worth it, but I was thinking more like being able to program the song in something like MML or Daflemask and just exporting the song for playback.

This is pretty much exactly what I have been looking for. Here's hoping someone can develop something like this.


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This is awesome dude, you really got that neo-classical sound down!

I would probably have to go with the "Tits EP" by Sparkyboy.

I am sorry to hear that. But I will Def be participating in this!


Nickname from college that friends gave to me cuz they thought i looked like Harry Potter. Harry Potter became H.P..... H.P. became H-Pizzle. There you have it.

fuck yes. The first chip show i ever went to was that house show in trenton back in 2009.that you played. Your set was epic. true story.


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woah. i want to see someone shred on this


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https://soundcloud.com/hpizzle/h-pizzle … iday-night . I've got a buttload of other covers too, but most of em aren't uploaded anywhere. i'll try and pm you a link with some more when i get a chance.


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this is so cool! i want one!

so f'ing good. chibi-tech continues to blow my mind with sounds i didn't know were capable on an nes.

sooo, tim follin was clearly pavin the way for dubstep back then... wob-step? wob-var? haha, cool vid, thanks for postin.


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fuck yeah!

is this still happening cuz i'd def be interested in contributing. also what about the bens?

only once?