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My first full-length chiptune album! :) Hope you guys give it a listen, download it if you please! And please, gimme some constructive criticism if you have any. <3


Followed smile Sounds really nice, the drums are groovy, not too complex as to take away from the melodies and not too simple to bore. Really tasty harmonies in this bridge-y section, and I like the chromatic scales you put in a few parts. Jazzy with a less jazzy kind of rhythm.

My only personal issue is the rhythm instruments could be a little more fleshed out, as instruments themselves. Give it a little more beef, and I know a song like this doesn't exactly *need* more beef, but that's just my two cents.

I like it a lot though. smile


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I'm sad that the track seems to have been removed. Would love to give your music a listen if you post it again.


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About to fill it out now smile like above said, if you have further questions don't hesistate to drop me a dm!

This really is a cool thread.

I work with animals, previously at a few different humane societies, but right now I'm working at PetSmart, as kind of a stepping stone until me and my friends get our shit together to start our own doggo rescue. I'm also a drummer in a band here, but living in an apartment is a bummer for the drummer, so I've been going hard on my chips lately. 8D

And I'm engaged to the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Other than that, always looking for ways to screw the system and fuck the government. Gonna go to school for some useful stuff and eventually be a recluse that grows his own food and is mostly self sustainable.


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Hey guys! I've got a chiptune album coming out tomorrow called Voidbound. It would be mighty swell if y'all wanted to check it out smile I have a single (and some older, less important tunes) on my Soundcloud, but the full album is gonna be available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. Like my facebook page for updates and stuff! Let me know what you guys think, all criticism is welcome. heart



https://onusofi.bandcamp.com/ (nothing here yet, but there will be tomorrow!)