Thanks a lot, that's very useful!

Thanks herr_proff. I hope to be able to run this on an emulator... somehow. C/P seems needed. esp to save patches, etc.


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I felt that something might happen when I read the 'ultimate' DMG guide. Glad to see I wasn't too far off, although tis a shame it happened. I hope @nitro2k01 advice will help! Let us know.

Just listened to … ive-damage which blew my mind. I'm curious though, for the effect at 1.29 (rapid repeat of the last measure with an increase in pitch) - was that done by hand, meaning typing all the notes in and praying it will sound good? Or programmed? Because it blew my mind lol smile

Trying to create an account but keep getting told the 'spam filter is deactivated - try again in a few minutes'. It's been 3 days...


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Hey LittleBitBoy, did you end up finding such a thing? i'm after the same (as a spectator). Thanks!

Hi! I'm sure this is a common problem.. you work on a tune, you end up creating this really cool loop that you're very proud of. Problem is it doesn't quite fit the tune, so you end up 'parking it' and never using it again. Is there a way to importing/exporting synth waves and sequences  - or am missing something obvious?

Thank you!

So i got LSDJ down to a T, and I'm having fun creating little tunes. But they are just that, little tunes. I find it difficult to understand when or how I should transpose phrases, nevermind how I compose a real 'song' from end to finish.

Do you know of tutorials on how to use a tracker effectively to that end? Thank you!

Corporate management consulting, IT-related on some pretty hardcore projects related to crypto. Background in CTO roles for banks etc. You can take the geek out of the chiptune but you can never take the chiptune out of the geek! smile

Apart from that 40yo, married, two (big) kids. The scene helps me stay sane and I love the attitude here and in the demoscene community. No one is ever too old, too young, or too anything. It's very accepting, and it's very inclusive, unlike so many things in IT. Love it!

Just came back from Japan and took a trip down memory lane at super potato. Also came back with a pc-engine GT and 5 games, which set me back a few hundred pounds haha smile

Price aside... do you guys regret the kit you threw away? It doesn't feel so long ago that old PCs (which would have been great for some pentium 1 based tracking) looked like pieces of trash to me, and of to the skip they went. It hurts a lot more when we're talking about amigas, cpcs.. etc. (Hey don't scream at me, I was young... and moving country - and at the time these things were e-ve-ry-where at yard sales).

I managed to hang on to a couple of neat things: an original DMG, a colecovision and a few game and watch... but yeah, it feels very odd rebuying all the kit i used to own.. and that sticker shock... oh my!

I'm not sure if it is useful but i was looking for the exact same thing and stumbled upon: before reading your thread. Hopefully it is of use to you!