It is not pure chiptune but has an ample of SID chip tracks that ran through guitar amps and other stuff:


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I honestly have no idea. I've been doing the same shit since 1989 or so and intend to continue no matters what. Even since that time chippy influences appear and disappear in mainstream. Waves coming and going and coming again.

This is not brand new but I'm new here so what the hell.

It is what it is, an album that has a C64 backbone. Recorded and assembled in contemporary studio environment, using the old 8bitter-batter as a musical instrument among other stuff, driven its sound through guitar amps and other audio torturing devices.

Blessings y'all. I am NecroPolo. I joined here after my good friend Vincenzo recommended this as a good chiptune forum, It was a long ago I just found the time now'days.

I've been a C64 musician since the ice age approximately ('89 or so) but I joined the C64 scene officially only a decade ago, releasing dosens of old tunes @HVSC SID archive. I work as a freelance sound enginner / producer, a performing guitarist and a music teacher. I create chiptunes in-between, released a lot of tunes and albums during the years, some are still to be launched. I am the member of a number of 8-bit demoscene groups as a musician and also a C64 tribute band called SIDRIP, included in an ample of different demoscene and C64 remix scene releases. I had the luck and honour to be in a pre-release test team of a number of C64 SID trackers like SIDwizard or Music Studio during the years.

I don't like to talk too much now'days.



C64 scene history:

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I can absolutely agree with the thread. SW is an awesome tool. It can do everything well you suspect and some more you don't.