someone knows what's up with seanbad?


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i challenge bad cop seanbad to write a song about havin' an awesome night's sleep and then waking up realising you overslept. hurry to school and then you decide wheter you make it in time or not! yeah so basically a song with a relaxy part and then a stressy part, and then a final. use LSDJ for this one!


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well it took me about 31 hours, most of the time doing something else tongue

i'm afraid i missunderstood the part about the solo drum roll, but there is a drum solo in there so i hope it will make up for it and be good enough smile

yeah, let me know what you think! i'll challenge someone tomorrowwww...


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i like this challenge! going to accept it right away and see how it turns out, i'll see what i'll use. wish me some luck smile


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what about your challenge akira?


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as i understand he will start tomorrow, that's not too bad?

well it's the end of the week now, when will we know who got in and who didn't? tongue


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this will be interesting to hear! big_smile
i'll just let u know that i'm up for any kind of challenge!

it would be awesome to do something like this, i'll see what i can do smile

how long should the songs be?

just sent my track smile

i though have 2 questions. when is the release date and where will it be released?

yeah i will start on an old project i got here, put me up on the interested list!


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nice. what did you think?


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hi everyone, it's the first time i'm here and i'm just exploring a little bit.

this is my first EP, released in october last year, it contains 5 tracks tracked in milkytracker, they are kind of a bitpop/electro-ish style i would i say.

you can download it for free right here!: …