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For fans of NES/MIDINES and some guitar action, maybe yall be into my new album I just put out today. Scroll past huge mega pic for bandcamp download link. smile

Download: https://planetzaxxon.bandcamp.com/album … glistening


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Jellica wrote:

all the cool kids went and brought modular synths

Just wanna say that I'm happy I made this post and that so many have been using it as a reference point!!!! yeeeee!!!

MORE FM PLEASE, oh ok here it is. yes yes!


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new single by sadnes, and free download. chiptune grunge and sad and things like that:

https://soundcloud.com/planet-zaxxon/sa … e-download


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yogi wrote:

EXCELLENT! Really like Fresh Air!

frank angotti is dead wrote:

at it again, them HOT CARL beats heart

Thank you much for checking it out !!!


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freezedream wrote:

Oh yes! Really getting into this. Thank you for more OPL3 FM goodness! d-_-b



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catskull wrote:

Awesome release!



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Kick off the summer with 10 tracks of Sound Blaster 16 goodness!!

For fans of early PC/MS-DOS games and music...

Album art by enso.

LINK: https://planetzaxxon.bandcamp.com/album … he-weather

It's been awhile, but I just updated the links/pics from the original post, so everything should work now!!

I found this neat application for MS-DOS a while back, and it works for the ESS AUDIODRIVE cards too. "SBVOL.EXE," It allows you to adjust master output as well as the master volume of the FM chip. Or even your line input. You can download it here:


I was under the impression that almost all of the ESS cards are just emulated SB16. Some older ones, may have had an actual opl3 chip on it, but these later ESS ones emulate SB16, hence being SB16 compatible.

The ESS Maestro-2E, is not SB16 compatible. Well, easily. I tried and tried with that one and could never get MSDOS to detect it. I looked on some other forums and people who actually did get it to work, said it sounded very thin and the worst ESS they have heard. So I gave up on the ESS Maestro-2E cards, heh.

New model to add:

Compaq Presario 1640.

This one has some neat features:

JBLpro Speakers
Tiny LCD display to monitor battery live and things
MAX ram is only 96 mb, but thats ok.
ESS AUDIODRIVE 1869, which is fully sb16 compatible.


Lazerbeat wrote:

Awesome, my buddy Copl3PO wants to do an adlib ep maybe with a little SID after we find a nice laptop!

Lazerbeat wrote:

o2star isnt it about time you dropped a monster of an adlibtracker 2 album?

I have retired. But my homie Warez Waldo has his album coming out next month. 12 tracks all adlib tracker II, with some alpha juno synth on it.



I have tried out a 7400, seems good to me. I am not sure what exact version of the ESS it has, but worked with no issues with Impulse Tracker, Adlib Tracker II, and all the games I tried.

I am not familiar first hand with any Toshiba (or Tecra) brands. It's nice that they are Pentium II's though!