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TylerBarnes wrote:


Was just about to say that!

Crazy tho, how many different ways there are now to edit c64 jamz


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Awesome! Sounds good, the trails in the video are nice too!


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Hey! Been meaning to post some stuff here for a while. I’ve been a fan forever. Currently working on a chiptune project that started out as an ambient/drone thing but turned into something else that’s more all over the place.

Anyways- here are some chiptune related things I’ve done in the past. I use MIDINES, Nanoloop (and the camera of course!), Mssiah (and incredible music keyboard), Atari Synthcart, Dafm synth 2612, as well as using an Atari 400 w some music software and a 1040ST. I’m probably forgetting some stuff. I also “count” the Yamaha pss 470, 680 etc, but idk how u guys feel about that, haha.

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There’s tracks all over our YouTube and bandcamp that are chiptune related- but too much to single out! I get overwhelmed trying to figure out the best ones, but I’ll eventually post ones that are more specific to things going on here at the time, or what it relates to or reminds me of etc

Thanks for listening! I hope to keep checking out all your stuff too!


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Sounds awesome! Modulus is sweet.

Hi! Pleased to meet you all! I’ll post specific chiptune tracks I’ve made soon, but here’s my stuff:

I lead the band Toys in the Static. We played live since the early 2000s up to 2014 under the name pinebox. We use or have used just about every type of vintage video game system or early computer we could get our hands on. My favorites are c64, gb, nes. I’m currently goingbthru a modular phase just because I’ve been bored with a as q