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Avrilcadabra wrote:

Thanks for the update purefunktion, waiting for a flashcart to arrive and I look forward to hooking droneboy up to a strymon reverb and making a video with it

Thanks, looking forward to seeing that!


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Got some new updates today. Continuously increase/decrease frequency(sliding tone change) and volume(clicky in the wave and noise channels kind of ok in the square ones). And the ability to copy over the frequency of a note to the frequency mode, so easier to detune and continue in the frequency mode from note mode.
Hope you like it, have a good one!


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Finally got around to make a new version of Droneboy. This time there is a a new chord page with "modify chord" part and a "chord step" part. Fill the slots in the step part with chords and change between them at your hearts desire.
Free dl and source code here

Cementimental wrote:

My only criticism would be that changing the slider values sounds a bit steppy/clicky but I guess that's limitations of the GB hardware

That was what I thought as well, turns out you can update the frequency without "retriggering" the sound channels so now there is no clicks when changing frequency at least. Volume is bit more involved so will have to look into that later. Thanks for the feedback, I had totally missed that!


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Author here
Just wanted to say that I made some additions to Droneboy
- Macro and inverted macro markers. This will enable the user to control more than one fader/controller on the same page
- Duty on wave channel and also the ability to change the dividing ratio of the noise channel on duty page
- Minor cosmetic updates.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or have feature suggestions.