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There is this too https://catskullelectronics.com/products/famimimidi

Where MSSIAH functions more like a limited standalone daw, Famimimidi offers more direct NES control and treats the console closer to a midi instrument.

People seem to like it. check out this thread:
https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/2427 … ed-it-yet/

Tracking down an old midines cart is another option though I will warn use ones go for high prices and the CC control is apparently more complicated.

There are also native trackers that work on the NES if you have flash cart. That might be an easier transition from LSDJ on gameboy to NES writing. NTRQ and Pulsar come to mind. There is thread on other options here too:
https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/2472 … -your-nes/

You got a decent amount of options for hardware NES music.


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You are a legend neil!

Orgia Mode wrote:

I've seen that on a lot of parts. I can't say where off the top of my head tho. The 9028 probably has to do with production date.

I just googled that the RU probably means "The "Recognized Component Mark" is a type of quality mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories. It is placed on components which are intended to be part of a UL listed product, but which cannot bear the full UL logo themselves.[6] The general public does not ordinarily come across it, as it is borne on components which make up finished products."

You can see it on the "PC BD MD2 VA0 USA" as well.

Thanks for filling me in! I was going nuts trying to figure it out. I appreciate you taking the time.

chipmonkey wrote:

You have the extension port on it. Does the case have "high definition" on it?
If so you have the best version.

It does have the HD labeling. I am glad to hear it is considered the best version. I have been comparing the stock sounds between the different revisions I come across.

TBH for recording, I have been finding the model 2 with the 3/4 boards sound better than the model 1 VA6. The model 1's Yamaha YM2612 chip is distractingly noisy because of the exaggerated ladder effect caused by its bit conversion. I prefer not to have the extra distortion. The integrated YM3438 found in model 2s are really clean in comparison though their amps vary in quality.

Orgia Mode wrote:

I believe it is a VA6.
Comparing it to photos and chips here: https://segaretro.org/Sega_Mega_Drive/H … _revisions
If you read the label on your I/O chip, does it read "513-5433?"

Confirmed! It looks like a VA6. I had a hunch it was some kind of va6.x because it has the TMSS but was thrown off because of the labeling and not knowing what chips were what. Thank you so much!

Do you know why it has that "Ru^ GX 211-VO" and "9208"? I don't think I have ever seen it on any of the other motherboard revision photos I have seen. Maybe a factory stamp or something?

Orgia Mode wrote:

Can you get a different link to the image?

Sure thing! Thanks for taking a look.

I opened my model 1 to clean it, check on the capacitors, and figure out if I wanted to perform any mods on the unit and was confused by what I saw. I can't seem to find a picture of the circuit board that matched mine and the unit board is labeled in a strange way.

Typically the model 1 boards are labeled "IC BD M5 USA" with a revision number like VA2, VA3, VA4, etc. Mine doesn't include a VA labeling at all and has some additional text just below it that I haven't seen anywhere else. Does anyone have a clue about what's up with my unit and what revision it is?

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ml6izylnt0zq2 … y.jpg?dl=0

A few other BambooTracker examples:

After looking into the works of Ryu Umemoto, I ended up looking into tools to write music for the PC-98.
I came across this tracker in my search. It looks similar to Famitracker and runs on Mac and Windows.

"BambooTracker is a music tracker for the Yamaha YM2608 (OPNA) sound chip which was used in NEC PC-8801/9801 series computers."

BambooTracker Github


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Gang's all here!!!


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Getting some 90's house vibes. Loving it.


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HEY GUYSZZZZ Dis is it. my first chiptune on M8.

Twitter Video


Yes, I am doing a meme but, more importantly, M8 is amazing. Lets hear them first tracks!


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But... trackers are a form of sequencer....

This is awesome! Great work.

herr_prof wrote:

Later versions of LSDJ are slowly mitigating the click fwiw.. the wav channel sounds really good now.

Also if you want to record with sameboy, i doubt people will notice the difference wink

I recently have been getting back into LSDJ and tried the newest available version (went from 4.0.5 to 7.9.9). Suffice to say that my mind was thoroughly blown by the changes especially in the wave channel's synthesis. That smooth wav update is pretty spectacular. It feels like an actual modern wavetable synth now and is organized and executed in a much more logical manner.


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This sounds dope!

I just wanted to say thank you to rebb. I just printed out some of his PCBs to use. Super helpful. YOU ROCK.